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replace cd player and computer speakers
thank youit took over 30 years for many of my interests to  appear on cd from the bootleg days in the 70's and they are only now being available on steaming in a quality resolution.the first step is to seperate the upper  bass from the lower midra... 
replace cd player and computer speakers
m 40 audio speakers (the old ones) have the amp inside. The volume control is noisy.Vanatoo was good at nyc audio show as was the voxativ.I didn't notice room for budget, i want the improvements in the source to be audible at a level t... 
Digital read out static meters
they were available as science  kits in radio shack without the digital readout( which should lower the cost even further). 
Digital read out static meters
for cd static charge ; to prove it exists/ to prove the remedy worked. 
New York City Audio Show 2019
re rooms: I usually ignore these things but if you sat in the back of the Blink room, you could hear a large hollow echo on the demonstrators(owners?) voice when he spoke :Also, the ONKK room was lively with some reverb. Triangle and one or two ot... 
New York City Audio Show 2019
Giant Killers. Like ohm, both located in Brooklyn. 
Degritter brand ultrasonic record cleaner
this is a rebirth of the  objection made by flat earthers in the late 80's when record cleaning machines  became popular and record cleaning started to approach today's fetish levels. 
What’s really hurting the audio hobby?
it isn't a hobby. it became a  boomer competition! 
Why does my old CD player sound so much better than my new streamer?
streaming is the choice of those who rejected vinyl.MANY are sick of vinyl 
anbody ever hear of an outfit called dynagroove records?
they are record dealers 
Axpona 2019
did Linn deign to participate? 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
femmes (et gentlemen) de paris) vol 4ventures in the vaults vol 5 
linn sondek tt
he is the emissary of wealth to stop the wage hikes.cramer said the same thing 
linn sondek tt
he's ALREADY caused the recession!  as the stones put it:" Who's drivin his plane? 
linn sondek tt
forewarned=forearmed : from gains pains and capital Jerome Powell is worth over $100 million. He is not using his position as Fed Chair to launch a later career giving speeches for $250K or signing advisory deals as former Professors Bernanke and...