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Simaudio MOON LP5.3 RS or 300LP?
I own a the LP5.3 and I regard it as an essentially transparent device. More often than not, a flaw in the sound can be traced back to the support/turntable/arm/cartridge which precede it.I'm glad I bought it. 
I'll look forward to reading the shoot-out results, by the light of Halley's Comet. (wink) 
Simaudio MOON LP5.3 RS or 300LP?
I'd like to watch this thread. 
Viagra for Your Ears?
I've tried Viagra for better hearing. After I stuffed a pill in each ear Joanna Newsom sounded much better.I could barely hear her at all. 
LDR Active Preamp - does it exist?
Check out Hornshoppe's 'The Truth'. Active. No gain. Sounds astonishing. 
Hornshoppes the truth preamp
Taters,I've bought the 'Truth' but Ed is just now finishing it. I won't even see it for a few weeks to come.I'll post here after I feel that I understand it's contribution to the system. 
White Substance on Aja 30th Anniversary
Sounds like someone at the pressing plant was pretty excited about these pressings.Monica might be able to tell you how to remove those stains. 
What Sets Price on Turntables?
How much are ya gonna pay me to tell ya? 
Can you believe this?
I have a Yamaha GT 2000 that I adore. It was one of those Direct Drives that the Japanese never exported. It has to be heard to be believed.I'm utterly convinced. 
DIY turntable plinth material
Go for Panzerholz or Permali. 
How many with analog rigs only?
Vinyl only.I in fact have never bought a CD player. I waited until DVD-A and SACD for my digital music baptism. Since neither of them displaced vinyl, for me, they are gone and I can concentrate on vinyl for the here and now.If I should have to li... 
Clarify differences between Stanton 980/ 981 .
Don't worry.I found the answer at the Vinyl Engine Cartridge Database. 
Who listens only to vinyl?
Nothing but. 100% vinyl with no exceptions. 
Some tables have soul and some not
I have been contemplating this very topic,because I have noticed my turntable front-end, both acquiring and losing these very qualities with some aspects of fine-tuning and set-up.My turntable is the Yamaha GT 2000,the cartridge is the Soundsmith ... 
Red light went on on one of my Ayre MX-R amps