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How much fluid do you use
I agree with you on the vinyl, much better!. I too have a P25 and the VPI 16.5. I recently sold my nitty gritty and I can confirm you made the right decision on the VPI. I use enough fluid to cover about a 1 1/2 inch wide "puddle" fromedge of the ... 
Cardas Machined RCA Caps.???
I started with these when I was experiencing a problem with my phone pre amp. They may have cut down on the RF noise but I won't swear to it. I will say that the other two benefits are (one) no dust can get in the jack and (two) they look so cool!... 
Which upgrade should be my priority?
Personnaly I give natalie my vote.The other tweaks are a waste of money if the signal isn't there to begin with. You are obviously looking at the right web-site to do just that.Find a good pre-amp and amp and build from there then any tweaks will ... 
Remote Control Problems :-
One suggestion is check for "reflective surfaces" sometimes an "IR" signal will duplicate due to reflection and cause a cancelling of the signal, thus as if no signal was transmitted. 
Suggestion for bedroom speakers
I don't think you can find a better stand mounted speaker thatn that Linn Katan. They deliver good full bass and a sweet high with exceptional mid's. They are worth every penny, but only if you invest in a good stand. Placement is not crucial either.