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PS Audio Premier / Statement SC power cable
I have a Statement and it's the stiffest cord I've ever had or seen! Get a little extra length as you'll need it to wrestle around corners and such. But it sounds fantastic - well worth it! 
Anyone here using vintage speakers?
Tangent RS6, Tangent TM1, the New Large Advent and one or two others.... 
Biwired-Dunlavy V- Bass reduced why?
Try using one set of cables with the jumper. If it's the same problem, it may be that the cables are built that way. Some may call them defective.... Try using your old cables on the low pass. This is the way that I have mine set up: Anti-Cables g... 
Best power cord for vintage McIntosh?
Thanks for your responses. The guy who runs a local 'high end' store sez that I will hear a difference. He can put in a connector without damaging anything (so that I can put the original power cord back, if needed). I think I'll give it a shot an... 
Looking for help matching surrounds to Hales mains
I know this sounds silly but.... What about another pair of Hales speakers? I know of a 2 way pair for... $1,300.00 (I think they were asking that). It would be nice if you were in the Toronto area, though. 
Removing protective shielding of speaker cables
I don't know what to tell you about your shielding - except you might pick up RF interference if you strip your cables. I replaced the wiring in my vintage speakers with shorter pieces of my speaker cable. A great improvement! You can't hook up th... 
Anyone have heard of Tangent RS-8 speakers
And as a last note....One of the last things the original Tangent company was working on was the RS-10 model. It was never produced. 
Anyone have heard of Tangent RS-8 speakers
The original packaging?!? Amazing! The speakers are very hard to come by these days. Are you sure they are 6"? Mine are 8". I have a pair of TM1's, RS6's and RS8's. They still sound great to my ears all these years later. In my opinion, they are b...