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Why do I need power management if I have a great power cord?
Why do I need clean water if I have good quality copper pipes?   
Tweaks, money pit or real value?
Nothing is more valuable than having a good relationship with a dealer that lets you try before you buy in your own system. I also like manufactures that have a no questions asked return policy.    
Speaker positioning: why do audiophiles neglect this so much?
After reading this thread I just realized that my golf game is perfect, it’s the golf course that is causing the problems.   
A Warning for Owners of Furman IT Refernence 20i
If you are not getting a satisfactory response from the manufacture, I would threaten to take the issue up with electronic safety board in your country of residence?  If the unit has a known issue that could cause a fire, you would think that the ... 
The VPI forum is back
They are apparently operating in beta mode now, whatever that may be. Beta mode = test mode i.e. not ready for prime time. Mat has  been trying to get the old forum contents migrated to the new forum for literally months, with no real progress... 
TT speed
Sorry, you will need to restate your question as I don"t have a clue what you are asking.  Also, state the type of protractor, single point, arc etc.  
Cary Audio SLP-05 First Impression
I’ll be honest, I have a stock SLP 05 and was all set to pull the trigger on the ultimate upgrade until my friend who has an Ultimate 05 brought his over for a direct comparison.  After a couple of days of comparison, both of us concluded that we ... 
Question for those that bolt their speakers to stands
My speakers bolt onto the stands and do not suffer any scuffing when removed.  Just make sure that both surfaces are clean before bolting. If you want to be overly cautious, create a thin paper template and place it between the two surfaces.    
Cary Audio SLP-05 First Impression
Congrats on the new preamplifier.  The SLP 05 is a winner.  Cary discontinued the power supply feet inserts for two reasons: no one was stacking the units, and a flat panel is cheaper to produce.  Cary has been shipping the SLP05 with a full featu... 
A Suggestion Regarding Removal Of Posts
If we don’t the reason for the post/topic deletion, how are we suppose to learn?  
Why dealers disparage certain products?
That should read "three reasons why a dealer does not carry that product".   
Would you pay more than 25% of MSRP for a used cartridge?
It’s an individual choice.  If paying over 25% for a used cartridge is over your comfort level, that’s okay.  Ultimately, the market dictates used prices, not a individual post.    
Is there a correct way to lubricate a turntable bearing
I assume that this method will work with a sintered bronze bushing, correct?  Is your flushing pin the same diameter as the platter’s male bearing?    
Buyer Dispute
The tweeter are in the mail…….how many times have you heard that one!  
Buyer Dispute
Have you contacted the seller to discuss a remedy and if so, what was his position?