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Direct Drive
@dover wrote "If you want to buy a direct drive turntable you might as well buy a digital front end - its the same sound I believe that dover takes issue with how DD achieve speed stability by using a feedback loop system that makes a speed adjus... 
Does anyone on this Forum have any experience with Audio research ref 610t monoblocks
Unless you absolutely need that many tube watts, I would stay away. Heat, tube replacement cost, size, potential service issues, ugly etc.   
What's going on with the used audio gear market?
The market sets the price, if you are an outlier then it will sit unsold.  Nothing magical, nefarious, just supply and demand.   
New VPI purchase
Your dealer should assist you with set up.    
Is the VPI Forum Down Again?
I highly doubt that we will ever see the Vpi forum again, nor the old forum content.  Simply not a priority for VPI.    
Is the VPI Forum Down Again?
The original VPI forum was corrupted by GoDaddy and as a result the forum content was lost.  VPI is attempting to retrieve the old content.  To date, no success.    VPI attempted to build a new forum but soon found out that they were out of thei... 
Large amp fan for Classe CAV150
Running the CAV 150 in bridge mode with 4ohm speakers is why your amp is running hot  
Phono Stage Gain - how does it impact sound?
Audphile, if there’s one thing I’ve been trying to get across to you it’s that based on the info you’ve supplied, your phono stage gain is adequate. ...and that assumption is supported by the logarithmic calculation of the total gain required b... 
Phono Stage Gain - how does it impact sound?
The Vibe has 60db of gain and the Pass Labs has 9.3 db of gain for a total of 69.3db of gain. The cartridge output is 0.4mV and the Pass Labs 30.8 has an input of sensitivity of 0.77 volts. Total gain required to drive the Pass Lab 30.8 to full po... 
Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark
Give your dealer a shout-out for their top notch customer service.   
Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark
Even Dynaudio recognizes that country of manufacture matters, otherwise, why would only their top tier speakers be manufactured domestically.     
Precision Motor Controller
Yes, both frequency and voltage are adjustable. It’s really not suitable for DC motors.   My comment assumed that OP’s table had a ac synchronous motor.  If the motor is a dc, then your statement is correct.   
New Coincident Frankenstein 300B Stereo Version
I actually live in the same city as Israel. I wanted to audition but he told me it's not possible. He obviously doesn't want to earn your business.  Walk away, there are many other manufactures/dealers would love to earn your business.    
Precision Motor Controller
Isn't a VPI SDS a low power AC regenerator that takes the incoming wall AC and regenerates it into a 20 watt variable AC frequency?  
Footers- Break In? Such A Change.
Ozzy, how long did it take for the CM footer to settle in to reach their potential?  Hours, days week?