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Mint Protractor for the Classic Toneram 10.5i-SE
You just don’t get it. It is okay to post a question and challenge a response, but “your” challenge was never in the form of a query, but merely refuting the answers and never wavering on your original thought. You got an answer in the first post,... 
Mint Protractor for the Classic Toneram 10.5i-SE
Have your read your response to those who politely responded to you.Brf, those numbers are definitely incorrect. I measured the S2P distance and it's precisely 262 mm. This is what VPI used to have posted on their website a few years ago before th... 
Mint Protractor for the Classic Toneram 10.5i-SE
Your question was answered in the first post with the source cited and you completely dismissed it as wrong and slammed the poster. Later, it was confirmed that the S2P info on VE was incorrect based on info provided by VPI and again you refuted t... 
VPI is Introducing a high-end Direct Drive Table
Belt drive, rim drive, direct drive, Standalone motor assembly, motor on plinth, motor with platter, standard plinth, heavy plinth, wood finish, auto finish, red, blue, white, black, silver. 24 different table types and combinations and counting. ... 
Kuzma 4 Point owners - Do you use damping?
Having only one woofer affected sounds like like an alignment issue. 
Took my Levinson amp in for repair
You don’t have a snow ball’s chance in Hades of winning your claim. Focus your efforts on getting your amp repaired. 
Latest Merlin Super BAM upgrade
Ease up on the Kool-Aid Turboglo or at least try sugar free. I must admit, the Merlin Fanboy’s could give the Linnie’s a run for their money. But honestly, I am glad you enjoy your speakers and the upgrades.I can’t wait to read your comments when ... 
Latest Merlin Super BAM upgrade
The BAM has what…. 4 inches of hookup wire inside? I find it difficult to believe that upgrading the former Cardas wire with Cardas Clear has such a profound improvement on the sound. I would expect a subtle improvement/change, but what you guys a... 
Best one-chasis CD/SACD player under $15 000?
Try Playback Design and EMM Labs. 
VPI Platter Spinning SLOWLY
Don't put any grease on the shaft. As the previous poster noted, do a through cleaning of the bearing assembly. 
Best Customer Service
VPI "used" to have excellent customer service. Emails go unanswered; deadlines and promises ARE constantly missed. No follow-up, the customer always has to follow up only to get another excuse. Any question asked must go through Mike for an answer... 
VPI JMW Jig Question
VPI got back to me and they said 258mm for the Classic series arm. 
VPI JMW Jig Question
Is the VPI jig used only for cartridge alignment? Does anyone know the Spindle to Pivot distance for the Classic 3 arm? I emailed VPI yesterday but have not rec'd a response. 
VPI JMW Jig Question
I want to use the jig to mount the arm on a new table, therefore, I need the jig to set the proper spindle to pivot distance. 
VPI Traveller
Honoring your late Mother is very commendable. Good luck with the Traveler.