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Just entered the world of high resolution audio
Try the new album "Undercurrent" from Sarah Jarosz.  Wonderful musician and great sounding album.  It is on sale at ProStudioMasters right now in 96/24.  They've labeled it as "country."  It isn't so don't let that turn you off. 
Just starting with high-res music files
Interesting comment about the Bossy track from JD McPherson.  I had the same experience from the free download.....thinking "Good grief, this isn't much of a sales pitch for HDTracks!"  Coincidently, I somewhat stumbled into seeing him in concert ... 
Integrated amp recommendation around 3k (I need more power!)
I can throw in another recommendation for the MF M6si.  I have been using one for about a year and half and am very happy with it.   
Need feedback on loudspeakers
Any feedbacks from Revel/Audio Physic/PMC owners?Give serious consideration to the Revel F208's.  Great sounding speaker I think will be hard to beat in that price bracket.  Beautiful cabinets as well.  Plus, you already have a great amp to drive ... 
Poorly Recorded - Chris Thile & Michael Daves
Dusty---interesting chain of events.  I was just listening to the Thile/Daves recording this afternoon, then saw your post about Antifogmatic, then this.  In terms of sound quality, the Thile/Daves album is simply awful.  Thile is a bonafide geniu... 
Best budget DAC
It will be very hard to beat the Parasound Zdac for a budget product.  Should be able to get a demo with warranty for around $300 or perhaps less for used.