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$100,000 line stage
This one has been erroneously reported as $100K when it is actually $137,280 USD according to the link.  You are getting closer to $200K all the time!  Meanwhile the chassis looks like something you would pick up at a garage sale. 
Not Enough Options for Auditioning Speakers
"You should not expect much from a $10,000 pair of speakers and that they will be a modest level of performance"  First off, be sure to ignore this nugget of BS!  There are splendid loudspeakers available for $5K retail.That said, I'd take a hard ... 
What Is The Cost Of Amplifier Casework?
You simply have to put your hands on a D'Agostino or Rowland piece to understand the level of quality in their casework.  Rowland amps even have highly precise machined parts inside that most people never see.  That both manufactures have signific... 
Low noise, neutral, high current power cord for wall to power distributor
Shunyata Alpha HC is a great choice but should come in well under your budget.  Also look at Audience AU24 SE...around $1K used.  Superb power cord. 
Revel-Performa3-B112 subwoofer
The B110 and B112 are both excellent, tight subs.  Musical indeed.  Superior quality and great looking.  EQ is a bit quirky but Revel will give you all the support you need over the phone. 
Rowland versus ARC
One thing to keep in mind on the ARC pre-amps....if you are driving a subwoofer with your solid state pre, you're gonna be out of business with ARC.  They say the impedance of most subs is too low, and that trying to drive one alongside a stereo a... 
Best music of 2017
Colter Wall- "Colter Wall"  
USB Cable: Oyaide, Cardas, Shunyata....
Look for a used Curious USB Cable.  Very nice sounding cable and reasonable prices. 
Speakers for Room Size
I had the F208's in a room roughly that size and they sounded great....the 206's should do just fine. 
Amp recommendations
As far an an integrated....perhaps stretch your budget a bit and look for a used or demo PASS 250 Integrated?  Hard to see how you could improve on this. 
My rankings of some classical violin music in high resolution
Try a CD rip of the recent Rachel Barton-Pine disc of Bach recordings....I'd put it against any "high-rez" downloads....Also regarding Carmingnola......not available in high-res but his Four Seasons recording is brilliantly engineered....the CD so... 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD mentioned the new Bonamassa is the sound quality?  I'm a huge JB fan but the sonics are pretty poor on all of the recordings I have.TD 
Which is better, ML52 or KXR-20
Both very fine pieces....hoping someone chimes in here.... 
Audioquest Water vs Kimber KCAG are missing Niagara.  AQ Niagara is just a great interconnect and can be bought used for pennies on the dollar.   
Integrated Amp Upgrade-itis hitting....
Good suggestions from those mentioning Rogue or PrimaLuna.  Those are things I'd like to to try in that price range.That said, I think gdhal has made the best suggestion....the MF M6si.  I also owned this amp for two years and thought it was just ...