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New DAC, Ayre QX-5 vs Moon 680D, suggestions?
at these price points, do not buy something that you cannot audition first. i strongly recommend auditioning the ayre prior to purchase, some find it a bit on the ruthless side of things. i have extensive time with both ayre and chord dacs... you ... 
Streamers with best apps?
Roon really is the best, and it’s the best by leaps and bounds. I’m a LUMIN owner and my opinion is that it’s awful. It doesn’t offer the functionality native to Qobuz or Tidal. Bluos is waaaay better than LUMIN. But in the end, Roon truly is vast... 
Just got my Lumin T2 wasome sound but very bad app
I concur the app is terrible and not at all intuitive. You’d think you could just click an album and it’d play... nope. 
Little Rock, Arkansas - Any Audiophiles out there?
id love to be a part of this. let me know if this has come to be. current system: vpi scoutmaster w/ shelter 90xayre ax5-twentychord hugo ttharbeth super hl5+ anniv edalso have blue circle bc28, shahinian arcs; kef ls50s