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Fans on amps.
@ieales. NEVER BLOW AIR ON / INTO AN AMPLIFIER.  I never knew that ! I thought I was doing something good for the amp. While I was listening to music the other night for a few hours or so I went to feel my amp like I do on many occasions and like ... 
Listening sessions
@elizabeth. Sounds great. Can’t wait til I retire too to spend countless hours listening to music.  
Straightwire Serenade to Crescendo comparison
And still will. Better late then neva.  
What dealer/distributor has influenced you most?
A+++++ Also for big John Rutan at Audio Connection. Have first started dealing with him in about 1990 with my first high end system which was a Counterpoint sa 220 and sa 1000 Line stage pre. Then a few months ago he went over and beyond the call ... 
AC Regenerator
I’ve been thinking of purchasing a PS audio p 1000. I have a Krell Fpb 600 and an ARC Ref 6. Also have them both on a dedicated 20 amp and using Shunyata King Cobra and HC PCs. Would the PS audio p 1000 be a work with my front ends ? Thanks to all.  
Whats playing on your system today?
The Doors. Alive she cried. Absolutely live.  
B@W Matrix 800 speakers
@68pete. It sounds a lot like my system. My system is pretty basic too. I have the Krell Fpb 600 with the ARC Ref 6. Rega Isis Cdp. B&W Krell baf. (2) balanced. (Bass alignment filters). StraightWire Crescendo IC balanced and StraightWire Cres... 
What brands tend to have the worst resale value?
Mickey Mouse phonograph  
Fan to cool room?
+1 split system. I have one in my music room. And it’s awesome. Blower motor whisper quiet. Mine is the Mitsubishi 15,000 btu. About $5300 installed.  
Straightwire Serenade to Crescendo comparison
Thanks but I’ll stick to my Crescendos.  
Favorite music list in order
+ 1. Time of day irrelevant  
eqipment on 24/7?
I leave my ss amp on standby 24/7. My tube preamp off. And my Cdp off.  
B@W Matrix 800 speakers
Pete. Kinda sounds like my room with your room having bigger dimensions. How long have you had your 800 s. Do u have the Krell B&W bass alignment filters ?  And mine are the all black ones. What color are yours. The wood finishes are beautiful... 
B@W Matrix 800 speakers
Forgot also they are sitting on 2 in granite slabs.  
Blind fold hearing test
@nonoise Thanks. 👌👍