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Problem with Ref 5SE
Metal top hold in more heat. As metal attracts heat. Not so much with plastic.  
Problem with Ref 5SE
I have had the 5se and now the ref 6. Both are dead quiet with and without stock power cord. I believe all of your tests you will do will be of no help. Tubes , power supply , power cord etc. I believe something happened in transit. Especially tha... 
What is your most beautiful component?
My Arc Ref 6. Runner up is my B&W 800 matrix. Or maybe the other way around. Lol.  
$27,500 for whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???
First of all if you can afford a pair of $850,000 speakers what’s $25,000 for a paint job ? It’s very cheap. If I had that kind of $$$$ for a pair of speakers and if I wanted them that color I’d spend the money. That’s pocket change.  
Shunyata Research King Cobra CX > ARC Ref 6 preamp. Shunyata Sigma HC > Krell FPB 600 amp. Shunyata Sigma Digital > Rega ISIS cdp.  
ARC Ref 3 - thoughts?
Totally agree. I had the Ref 5 se for about 4 months and my dealer lent me the Ref 6. What a big difference. With everything. Was really truly amazed. It’s definitely a keeper.  
ARC Ref 3 - thoughts?
Great musicians who should have been famous except....
That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard about AVH. He was an and probably still is an awesome drummer. I never ever heard of anyone not knowing who AVH was. Every one that I knew knew that AVH and EVH were brothers in VH. AVH underrated as ... 
Best Class A / Class AB SS Power Amplifiers between $5000-$10,000
What no Krell FPB 600 ?  
If you could bring back one great artist that has
I can’t believe no one mentioned Stevie Nicks.  
Your Opinion ....merits of a Shunyata Sigma Pwer Cord HC on a LIne conditioner
Btw I am also using Shunyata sigma digital pc for my Rega Isis Cdp and Shunyata King Cobra for my ARC Ref 6.   
Your Opinion ....merits of a Shunyata Sigma Pwer Cord HC on a LIne conditioner
@garebear@  I am using a Shunyata Sigma HC pc for my Krell Fpb 600.   
Which cable
This was a great joke.  
Ideal amp for B&W matrix 800
@blue sky walker. I am running an ARC Ref 6 pre amp and a Rega ISIS Cdp. Speaker Cables are all StraightWire Crescendo as well as XLR ics. Power Cords are Shunyata King Cobras.