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Latest Absolute Sound
I think I mentioned this before. They only write reviews on companies that advertise in their magazine. That's why you see the same companies 24/7. 
Kimber Kable Select
Why would it matter? Is he trying to sell them? 
Who are the most underground high-end companies
I guess as far as a retailer goes that Deja Vu operation is pretty unique. Not the typical audio boutique. The other company I have never heard of so to me that would be considered very underground. You gave very good answers. 
Who are the most underground high-end companies
Those companies fly under the radar like Taylor Swift flies under the radar in the pop world. 
Recommended: live jazz NYC venue, 'Bar Next Door'
It's not in N.Y.C. But if you are ever in Los Angeles there is a place called Vibrato that is owned by the legendary Herb Alpert. (He even plays there once in awhile) It has wonderful acoustics and has live Jazz 6 nights a week. Great venue. 
Do you think audiophiles are the most gullible hobbyists
Schubert,I am not a historical scholar. But from what I understand as a layman the policies have not changed since 2008. If that is true the same thing could happen again. 
Aerial 7T to Dynaudio C2
Missioncoonery,Just curious what speakers you are talking about that would sound better Than C-1's with a Rel sub for the same price? 
Why do people that are Into rap and hip-hop even want a high-end audio system
Rap music on Vandersteen 7's. I am sure Richard Vandersteen would really appreciate that. 
Be careful when dealing with Pyon Sound - John Park
I would only by products with a proven track record. I don't want to be someone's Guinea pig. 
I just was curious about something
You are taking what I said out of context. I am saying If the people that listen to hip-hop and rap wanted to listen on a high-end system the companies could market to that clientele that listen to that type of music. I am not talking about race. ... 
Upgrading receiver: Got a pair of Dynaudio Sapphires+NAD C740
I would listen to Missioncoonery. He is completely right. 
Glen Frey has passed ...
It seems like they are dying one after the other. 
Do you think audiophiles are the most gullible hobbyists
Wow! I didn't know Costco was so upscale. The one by me is popular for their 5.00 chickens and .35 cent croissants. 
Should a Jack and Coke be renamed a Lemmy
I could see that limited edition Motörhead Jack Daniels going for big money at a rock and roll auction in 20 years. 
World of Mcintosh Lifestyle space
I would not bet on that.