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Preamp Deal of the Century
Thanks @markusthenaimnut  Any idea what stock caps Mick uses? He told me the Cabernet has upgraded caps and transformers but I never asked him what those were. Between having a separate power supply chassis, adjustable gain from a simple knob, and... 
Need a line stage preamp
Yeah if you can stretch a little to $800 this looks like a good candidate. I just recently was introduced to Mapletree Audio so I’m considering one myself...http://www.mapletreeaudio.com/#Preamplifiers 
Preamp Deal of the Century
Man you guys are making it hard for me to decide which preamp I want to get next. I like the idea of having a separate power supply box so Supratek intrigues me. Does Micks preamps come with adjustable gain or is that an optional upgrade? My curre... 
Hornshoppe "the Truth" preamp - any opinions?
Excellent feedback grannyring, thank you! 
Hornshoppe "the Truth" preamp - any opinions?
Yes, great review @grannyring   There seems to be quite a few preamps these days with a loyal following. Don Sachs, Supratek, Aric Audio, and The Truth to name a few. I recently got to hear the Don Sachs and it is a superb preamp that was better t... 
A method to more quickly extract the benefits from a Perfect Path Mat, Alpha Card or Gate
@grannyring    The two mats you “charged” at the breaker box were mats you’ve had in your system for quite some time already? I have two original mats at my breaker box and two mats on my power conditioners that have been in place for the last yea... 
Aric Audio Systems Unlimited Preamp
Does anybody have an Unlimited or the Transcend 6sn7 preamp with remote? Looking at Aric’s website I don’t see a remote option until you get to the Special 6sn7 level. Just wondering if it’s even an option for remote volume on the “lower” tier pre... 
Preamp Output Capacitor: Mundorf Supreme vs. Supreme Silver Oil
I just ordered a pair of Vcap odam caps to try in my preamp. Currently have some Mundorf m-cap supreme silvers. I’m tempted to try the bypass method with Vcap cutf’s after seeing what grannyring wrote. 
New Omega E Mat from Perfect Path Technologies
I can understand not cutting it during the trial period if you’re thinking of returning the mat but I trimmed mine to fit inside the door to the breaker panel  and noticed big gains to the overall sound after a couple of weeks. 
New Omega E Mat from Perfect Path Technologies
Thanks guys. Frank, after perusing thru various jazz albums on my Roon app last night I came across this one that I think sounds great. Never heard of Kenny Dorham but I like this particular album.https://youtu.be/SqQF2Iw4X_UI should add, the part... 
New Omega E Mat from Perfect Path Technologies
Just curious if any of you guys are adding the E+ mats to the originals in your system or are you replacing the originals altogether? 
MHDT Orchid or Lampizator Amber 3?
Wow, very cool grannyring!  Hopefully your'e able to demo in your listening room and make a great comparison. 
MHDT Orchid or Lampizator Amber 3?
@ghasley Do you know if the new engine in the Amber 3 is what is also in the Atlantic TRP upgrade? I own an Atlantic Plus and have wondered if the TRP upgrade is worth it. 
Get your First Watt SIT-3 now?
Any chance some of you have heard an M2 in your system and compared it to a SIT-3? I bought a clone of the Pass Aleph J and love it but am getting curious about some of these First Watt designs. I have efficient 101db speakers with a dac that puts... 
Has to be said
My thoughts exactly...