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What isolation feet under your amp with great result?
Have heard great things about these... http://avroomservice.com/evp-2/  
Perfect Path Total Contact no longer?
This video is very accurate too. https://youtu.be/xpMnOIsxZPs 
Accuphase amps
Hi rivendell, I still enjoy the Melody very much as I like to rotate amps from time to time. I probably will never sell it unless somebody local would interested. I would have to be pretty lucky to come across an Accuphase within my price range in... 
Whammerdyne “The Truth” or their other amps .....
Well isn’t this peculiar. I distinctly remember another “joeinid” from other forums saying he emphatically was done with “tubes”. Now look what we got here...haha. Just teasing you Joe. I’m desperately wanting to try another First Watt amp but I m... 
Perfect Path Total Contact no longer?
The LA Mayor is also encouraging citizens to snitch on their neighbors if they see them outside where they shouldn't and pay them to do so. Sounds an awful lot like a certain European country in the 40's .  
Supratek or Don Sachs - which way to go?
Thanks @cal3713    for your response. System dependence is definitely the key along with user/owner preferences.  One thing I’ve heard is the Truth works best when the source puts out more than 2v and the input impedance of the amp is less than 2v... 
Supratek or Don Sachs - which way to go?
@jaymark   How does the Truth preamp compare to the Sachs in your system? Yes, thanks for taking up the cause to do a direct comparison between the Sachs and Supratek! 
Supratek Owners Thread
Anybody receive their Supratek preamps recently that care to share? 
No-one talks about Rowlands anymore
In case no one has seen this here’s a JR 125 opened up and shown what parts are used. Would love to hear Jeff talk about he designed and implemented it all together. https://youtu.be/25V7T5AxwE8 
Klipsch Heresy 4?
I agree with Andrew in that it’s very hard to go back to less sensitive non horn type speakers after hearing what speakers like Klipsch can do. They’re not perfect but man are they fun and enjoyable. These H 4’s sound like a great doorway into hig... 
Klipsch Heresy 4?
Another review...https://youtu.be/fDgWfhkAxzY 
Voyager GaN Amp ... anyone have one?
Thanks Ric. I didn't know Wally owned LSA so that all makes sense now. 
Voyager GaN Amp ... anyone have one?
Forgive my ignorance but is Voyager the brand or the model of the GaN amp? Is this an Underwood Hifi made amp? 
All the brands I don't like...
Wow, I thought aftermarket fuses was the red laser pointer here but I think erik is and we’re the cats. 
Just another Orange fuse thread
One thing is for sure...after market fuses are like red laser pointers here on the forum and we’re all a bunch of cats.