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Fuses that matter.
So has anybody had the chance to compare the SR Red to the AH Platinum? 
Lampizator DAC
Hey Doak, could share some thoughts on the Amber vs the L4? I was initially going to get an Amber but then changed my order for an L4 so I'm just curious what you experienced after having both. Thanks 
Most enjoyable speaker you heard under $800??
Wait for the Elac Debut series speaker from Andrew Jones to come out in September. Probably the best price/performance speaker you'll ever hear. I heard it last weekend at the Newport show and it was amazing. Incredibly detailed while being very m... 
Wells Audio Akasha Amplifier- Any owners here?
Nice lasi!Don't know if Wells Audio or their dealers offer a trial period but Aaron Amps have a 30 day money back guarantee from the delivery date. From what I read I believe the Akasha runs around $4k, while the Aaron No.3 is around $2800.Just fo... 
Wells Audio Akasha Amplifier- Any owners here?
I've read nothing but great things as well about the Wells Audio amps but there's a guy on Audiocircle that replaced his Innamorata with a Aaron No.3 amp and says it bested the Wells amp in every way. The Aaron amp is cheaper too! 
SOS: Andy Bowman - Vintage Tube Services
Received my tubes this week from Andy. They sound fantastic! 1960's RCA clear tops. I had asked for two matching pairs for my Rogue Perseus pre and Andy sent me a quad matching set.I called to thank him today and ended up ordering some Amperex to ... 
SOS: Andy Bowman - Vintage Tube Services
From the little bit I've been reading about tubes and tube vendors Andy at Vintage and Kevin Deal at Upscale seem to have the most positive feedback from everybody I've read about. Thanks again for the replies! 
SOS: Andy Bowman - Vintage Tube Services
Sounds good. Thanks Gslone! 
SOS: Andy Bowman - Vintage Tube Services
How long does it normally take to receive tubes from Andy? I called and ordered some RCA's from him almost two weeks ago but have not seen them yet.