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Those who seek to deny access to information
High Fidelity Cable replaces NPS 1260
For those that have used PPT Total Contact paste and then switched to the 1260 and soon to be new stuff, how would you characterize the difference in affect of the two?   I’ve been pleased with the TC but interested in the High Fidelity product e... 
Puritan PSM 156
For the asking price of the SR PC SX I would certainly hope it performed better.   As far as power cables for the PSM156 goes I’m using the stock supplied cable but with Furutech NCF connectors which sounds fine. If I ever splurge I’d like to tr... 
Ah very nice. Nice looking room too, love the GIK panels and your listening chair.  
@thyname  Do you have any of their ic’s in your system?  
Good to hear and thanks for such a quick response!  
Anybody know if the Prima speaker cables are more on the forward side of their presentation or do they set the stage back just a bit?  
聖HIJIRI Users thread
Just read some of the reviews from the Hijiri site and translated some of the pricing to US dollars and for the HCI 1m rca pair it’s around $950. Anybody know is this still the price? The review was from 2018 I believe..  
Quantum Science Audio Thread
Has anybody tried the receptacles from QSA? Looking for something to tinker with even though everything sounds great. I have a Furutech NCF in the wall that has been my mainstay for quite a while so wondering if anybody has had good luck with one ... 
Best kept secret in AC line filtering conditioning
Has anybody here tried the RouteMaster? I just ordered the Ground Master City to use in my apartment so looking for good things to come from that this weekend. The RouteMaster sounds intriguing.  
Puritan PSM156
Has anybody added the ground master city version to their Puritan? Any feedback or experience is appreciated.  
Puritan PSM 156
Has anybody tried the ground master city version with their PSM156?   https://www.audioarchon.com/product-page/puritan-audio-groundmaster-city    
Guess Millercarbon’s shilling Ravens did not pay off.
“Well you should do your own research…”   Nice  
Starke Sound
Sorry about the troubles with the Starke. I realized after my post this thread was started last year.    Boomerbillone sure talked this amp up. Maybe he was affiliated with them.  
Starke Sound
Is this the site you’re looking at the AD430? I don’t see it. I remember back when boomerbillone was talking about it that it was there. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough.   https://www.starkesound.com/detail.html?id=43