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Opinions on Various McCormack amps
+1 hifiman- Steve is very approachable and you can count on him to give you accurate recommendations if you give him specific information.  @nickwin- The .5 and 1 w A level revisions from SMc Audio are substantial improvements over the 125/225 sto... 
Opinions on Various McCormack amps
I believe the DNA .5 and 1 were the original two amps which also came in deluxe editions which may have had two sets of binding posts and better jacks. Many people thought the lower powered 0.5 was better than 1.0. The DNA 125 and 225 are successo... 
For tube sound, which is more important: preamp or power amp?
Charlesldad and atmasphere among others provide good advice.  My advice comes from a more pragmatic (and perhaps devious) point of view.  Start with a tube pre-amp.  The tubes are typically longer lasting and less expensive, for the most part. Onc... 
On Step Ups and the Importance of Managing Gain
@robd2- Here is the gain calculator and a good explanation of how the parameters interact: https://www.kabusa.com/pregain.htm.As far as how phono stage manufacturers handle the issue of SUT:cart matching, they basically don't.  Some have a choice ... 
Lowthers midrange: how do they compare?
If you are going to use it as a mid-range, see if you can find a modified Lowther like the ones Horning uses, which have the whizzer removed.  I have a pair of Hornings, and I've never heard them shout ;-) 
TriPlanar tonearm outward skating issue
There is hardly any audio product you can name that is completely foolproof. True that.  Fools are very ingenious. 
Help needed with analog pre-amp question
You already have an amp in the subs, so another amplifier should not be used.  You could insert a variable attenuator or passive pre-amp in the cables leading to the subs.   
phono upgrade vs replacing stylus
@chju1986- No problem.  We learn as much if not more from our mistakes as from our successes.  One piece of advice; rules of thumb are just that.  I'd try the Denon first and then work your way through the other pieces of the puzzle.  And don't gi... 
phono upgrade vs replacing stylus
@roberjrman- There  are pluses and minuses to both step-ups and active gain stages. Different strokes for different folks. OP-I can't find an overload value on line, but the input sensitivity of the micro-goove + appears to be 0.4mV.  Your cart ou... 
Please suggest bookshelf with best bass response under $4000 pr.
I nominate williemj for post of the week...or maybe the month!  Nothing more to be said.   
Dealers hijacking the discussions
i helped build interesting toys for the flight deck @tomic601 - kewl!  My dad was a mechanical engineer in the aviation industry and worked on a number of military aircraft. 
Dealers hijacking the discussions
I drove the Kitty Hawk from 82-87. @ctsooner- Whoa- that’s one mean ride! Well done.  
Hum problem
@atmasphere- Thank you for taking the time to think about this and to reply.  It appears that I was a little unclear in describing the problem.  The amp is dead silent (inputs shorted, no other items plugged in to nearby receptacles) until the sof... 
Hum problem
@almarg -Rotating the feedback switch back and forth reduced the volume of the hum as the feedback was increased and then of course an increase as feedback reduced back to zero.  I believe that this is expected but of course I totally lack the kno... 
Seiki turntables
There was one for sale on Canuk Audio Mart 2 years ago for $50.00. http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649200818-vintage-eds-10m-mkii-turntable/