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After a long, long sleep: ML-335
My suggestion is to look inside first to make sure that it not too dusty or any dead fauna, insects etc inside. From personal experience I can tell that it’s very common to find some dead insects inside old equipment. Clean it if needed and live i... 
Theoretical analysis is acceptable to some point. Most people never being in Australia but they know how kangaroos looks like.   
What happen to MQA on Tidal?
First check your interconnects, cause some connection types don’t support MQA streaming. Then go through your streamer control App, check all corresponding decoding settings and tune them MQA enabled.   
Taxation using PP G&S
No profit - no taxes. It’s just simple like that and confirmed with my CPA.   
75-Ohm SPDF and USB traditionally considered to be better type of connection for audio, however comparison is kind a not fair due to lack of high quality Toslink cables on the market. In situations where you have to use interconnect longer then 5f... 
Ethernet streaming
Every function of the signal processing chain separated by individual component or “box” has advantage over sharing component or “box” way due to interference and chain ability factors.    
Best preamp under 1500$ freya+ , cary slp03 ?
Used Modwright Instrument LS100 or LS 36.5.   
Surge Protectors
Medical grade power strip with surge protector in metal casing would be more than enough. It will cost you around $50-$100. If you have dedicated line get one without filtering option.  
Inexpensive streaming amplifier
If non audiophile then any non expensive integrated amp or receiver with Bluetooth or Google Chromecast will work.   
Advice on how to liquidate system
I’m really sorry for your problem and I wish you to get better. I think if you sell peace by peace you could sell it for more money. Same happened to my friend who was hunter. Ones, for his new hunting season he decided to switch his caliber for b... 
Cleaning audio components with 90% isopropyl alcohol
WD-40 Specialist Contact Cleaner for sensitive electrical parts specifically formulated for quick drying.   
I tried Vincent PHO701 phono preamp ones and I was not impressed at all, but to tell you the truth I changed four different phono preamps in price range of 1K and I wasn’t happy with all of them till I added to my price range another 1K, then anot... 
What is the most challenging music to play on a stereo?
Metallica’s Hardwired... to Self-Destruct album is like a tester for any system ability, you can check almost everything including very important index of dynamic range, however this Album-tester is not for tube based amps, very few of them could ... 
Adding a Dac and Stresmer
Pontus is great sounding DAC with lots of flexibility and potential. For streamer I would suggest to look towards units with separate linear power supply. I think your price range will allow it.   
Forced to DIY
My smallest DIY audio projects was replacing transformer in my vintage Marantz tuner couple years ago and 30 years ago I installed better stereo with acoustic in my car. The biggest home project was trimming 60ft tall trees at my backyard. I bough...