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Onkyo has filed for bankruptcy
TEAC, Pioneer, Esoteric and some other brands was distributed through Onkyo USA. Just wondering how this distribution will work now.   
Best Phono Stage
Aesthetix Rhea Signature Phono Stage is strong contender. Used would be in your price range.   
Tubes becoming hard to get?
I don’t think we have a reason to worry. Capitalism will gladly fill out any demand with replacement products, the only thing needed is demand and smell of profits.  Even more, the new tube technology is coming. Check it out: https://www.electr... 
Can a great system make a mediocre recording sound good?
Definitely yes, but better recording always will sound better. :)  
streamer Lumin U1 or Aries G2.1
If Tidal, my vote is for Lumin cause Auralic has some strange and unusual way to decode MQA.   
Sound Better w/Amp Directly Into Wall Then Thru Zero Surge
+1 for direct wall plug in… after multiple experimenting no more returns to the topic.   
Tube shortage?
Big NO to Russian vodka too… anyway, to my ears, NOS US, European and new Chinese tubes outperform Russian tubes easily…the shortage will only affect price of the market in general.   
Any tubes currently manufactured in the US, Japan or Germany?
Definitely yes, we’ll see something like this in the future. Compare to modern electronic technology manufacturing of vacuum tubes is not more complicated. The only thing is needed is inquiry for it. The market is focusing even small demands now.   
No more "High End" for me...Back to Reality Audio
Well, musicality of sense of hearing is kind a gift. Long time ago my mom and her colleague decided to hire one of the best violin teacher in our area for us, their sons . The teacher performed several special musical hearing tests for us. As I re... 
Replace inner sleeves on used records?
Non ordinary original sleeves are totally good for keeping, specially if containing some art or printed info. Usually I keep them inside of the hard sleeves next to the records stored in new inner sleeve.  I do dispose basic regular paper sleeves ... 
Apple iPad music streamer
If so, exclude Teac NT-505 as it LAN only and no digital out.   
Apple iPad music streamer
Dedicated streamer with Cat-8 Ethernet cable definitely will improve the SQ by several reasons. Separate DAC will give you even more improvement. Lanier outboard power supply for your streamer will give you another level of improvement. Also, such... 
Vote Your Ranking -If you have an opinion on this digital subject
Probably, that kind of blind test would be only relevant if done on same level of class and same brand of source equipment however, my opinion, first place should be with High Res downloaded file.  
Chinese Cables that sound good
@artemus_5  There are people in this world who DO stand for whats right rather than what they will get from an action. The problem here is bigger than you think and i don’t advocate for people in this world who DO stand for whats wrong. They a... 
Chinese Cables that sound good
@artemus_5 Oh C’mon! No reason to think about us, US citizens, like we are righteous aliens from another planet cause we build our country with forced labor and slavery too. Highest ideals and words hardly works when money talks. When society...