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Magic Eraser used for vinyl cleaning?
IIRC the ME is used to clean the stylus and not the vinyl. YMMVCheers 
Phono preamp or cartridge - which to upgrae first
Congrats on your Proteus, its a great cart and one that IMHO warrants a better phono stage. It never ends this merry go round...nor should it.CheersPradeep 
Vinyl Heaven : Lyra Atlas on a Durand Talea 2
Must be a dark lonely winter... 
Vinyl Heaven : Lyra Atlas on a Durand Talea 2
Ebn and MapmanGentlemen, its the opposite of what you infer. The Atlas mounted on a Garrard 401 with a 12' Ortofon arm is clearly superior to the TW rig with the Talea.NJoyPradeep 
Vinyl Heaven : Lyra Atlas on a Durand Talea 2
StringreenI have no experience of the Etna but friends who rave about it.CheersPradeep 
Phonostage: Wavac vs Doshi vs Tron
Congrats on the Wavac. Do share your impressions post break in. Is this the model with 2/3 inputs ?CheersPradeep 
Vinyl Heaven : Lyra Atlas on a Durand Talea 2
Hi Jean MarcI have two TTs, a Garrard 401, with a 12" Ortofon R-309D arm and a Lyra Atlas that plugs into an Ortofon 80SE SUT and then into the MM input of a Nagra VPS phono. The other TT is a TW AC upgraded to BN status with a Talea 2 arm and a T... 
Lyra : World class service
BreezerIf you are interested in fishing there are several other sites; may not find any joy in these waters 
Modified Lenco vs TW Raven
I have 2 tables : a TW AC modded all the way to BN status minus the platter and BN feet and a Garrard 401. The idler drive 401 is no slouch and is IMHO superior to the TW. You can check my systems page for details on matching components etcI recko... 
Set up for Rockport Aviors
My room size is smaller than yours : 23'x14'x10' and the Aviors blend beautifully. I also have 2x REL G1 subs for <28 hz.I am the self appointed Founder President of the Avior Admiration Society.CheersPradeep 
Transfiguration Proteus
DazzlingmdIn several respects the Proteus is a better cart than the Orpheus ,the most apparent improvement ,IMO ,is its bass response . It's not a day and night difference(it seldom is). Remember, the Orpheus L was discontinued as it's maker had s... 
Jospeh Audio Pearl3 or Rockport Atria
Hevac1Best of luck in your auditioning. If you need any inputs on the Aviors, will be happy to chime inPradeep 
Audio Additives vs Acoustic Sounds Digital Scale
RockitmanThanks for the info. Just ordered the DS -3Pradeep 
Transfiguration Proteus
Curious about what loading(I know this is phonostage/system dependent) other Proteus owners are using. Was getting superb results with a 30ohm loading much like the earlier Orpheus L. I have 2 inputs on my phono stage the Nagra VPS, MC and MM. The... 
Transfiguration Proteus
Congrats on your Proteus. I have had one for nearly 3 months. Fully endorse all you have to say on this cart.NJoy Pradeep