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Rockport Avior or Magico S5
HevacIf you recall we had exchanged notes on the Nagra VPS many years ago. Threads like these will have the protagonists lining up on both sides. Both are outstanding speakers and I am sure you will demo both and let your ears decide. FWIW I'll ad... 
Pickup SRA - starting from a 500x microscope
Interesting that the OP is trying to figure out a method for setting the correct 92deg SRA on an Atlas yet the venerable Mr Carr at Lyra ( for whom I have the highest respect and admiration) is not a great fan of SRA.A bemused Atlas owner ! 
Rockport Altair matching amplifier?
I have the Aviors driven by the Wavac HE 833 Mk1.2 mono blocs in a 14x23x10 room and the sound even discounting for owner bias is ...impressive.Another option to ponder 
Agree or disagree with the following statement.
"Measurements provide a fairly good indication of how something will sound..."IMHO ,measurements,even good ones,are no indication that you will like the sound 
Connecting the ground wire makes music less lively
PaniCongrats on your Garrard. Phono hum is a nasty. I have been pretty unsuccessful in removing mine. Hope you have better luck. Do share your experience.BestPradeep 
Ortofon Anna or Transfuration Proteus?
PhilI hope you enjoyed the Aviors. It's a superb match with the Atlas ;-) 
Ortofon Anna or Transfuration Proteus?
PhilThanks. It is certainly not my intention to question or invalidate your listening impressions. I have no quarrel with the statement that cart "X" sounded sterile in a particular system. That is a valid empirical observation. I do have a seriou... 
Ortofon Anna or Transfuration Proteus?
I am somewhat wary of generalisations which rank audio components given the infinite variables involved and this is particularly true for a phono cartridge . For example , how many analog aficionados can truly claim that their tone arm wire is opt... 
Ortofon Anna or Transfuration Proteus?
Bigdish The Lyra Atlas and the Ortofon 309D is a superb match. The Atlas has a 0.55 mV output which works with the Ortofon SUT. I tried the Proteus with the 309D but the results were disappointing after trying a range of loading options from 33ohm... 
Ortofon Anna or Transfuration Proteus?
Hi BigdishI have similar gear. I tried to mount the 0.2mV Proteus on a 309D/Garrard 401 combo feeding a Ortofon 80SE SUT but was never satisfied. I suspect the Ortofon SUT may be the culprit. OTOH I am getting superb results with a Lyra Atlas on t... 
TW Acustic three motor unit
I also moved from the AC 1 motor to the 3 motor BN unit. I hardly listen to the TW anymore as I am getting superior results with a Garrard 401 and a Lyra Atlas. 
Cleaning Phono Stylus- white residue
WhartThe packaging is the same. I got a sample of the new fluid when my Atlas was refurbished by Lyra. The instructions were to use the original SPT and than after a few minutes of playtime a reclean with the "new SPT". The results are stunning.Njoy 
Cleaning Phono Stylus- white residue
DougI don't think the Lyra liquids old or new would be ideal for removing baked crud. That would require something abrasive and the ME is excellent. I switched to the Lyra liquids at Jonathan Carr's suggestion and the results I am getting with the... 
Tube question - need new ones
I have excellent feedback with Jesse Brent. Superb service and a thorough gentleman. highly recommended.When I had a CJ amp I bought/replaced the 6550s from a variety of online dealers at a fraction of the cost quoted by CJ. YMMV 
Cleaning Phono Stylus- white residue
I was an active proponent of Doug's famous ME for many years. Of late I am getting way superior results using the Lyra SPT liquids. An initial clean with the SPT and than after 3/4 minutes of playtime I use a newer version of the Lyra liquid and t...