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Lyra Etna Versus Kleos
I have 3 carts all Lyra. An Atlas, Etna and a mono Kleos. My fav, not necessarily the best, is the Etna. Between the Etna and the Kleos there is, IMHO, no comparison. The Etna is miles ahead provided the rest of the gear is in the same league. I b... 
Musical Fidelity kw DM 25 Transport and DAC
A quick update. I am approaching 9+ years with my MF combo. With new power chords from Shunyata, fresh I/c cables from Audiomica, Poland my cdp is sounding sublime. Only 10% of my listening is digitalPradeep 
The one piece of gear you will never sell
My Wavac HE 833v2 amps.  
EAT EC88 - your opinions really appreciated
I got a pair for my CJ GAT pre. Managed to sell them. Lost perhaps USD 50 or so on the resale. Pretty disappointing. On par with most current production tubes . Not a patch on any NOS 6922.Cheers 
Clear audio professional or klaudio record cleaner
Musical Fidelity kw DM 25 Transport and DAC
You can only connect the dac/transport with XLR cables. A long time ago I replaced the standard MF cables with Cardas Golden Reference. Huge difference. For all the MF naysayers on this thread, my MF kW 25 dac +transport has been in my system for ... 
looking at upgrading my tonearm from a triplanar
My impressions are pretty similar to Doug's as they should be since Doug and Dan introduced me to the Talea ,on Doug's table ,many years ago. For almost a year I had the TP and the Talea2 mounted side by side ,on my TW AC . The carts were the Tran... 
Rockport Avior versus Ankaa
You should demo the Aviors and let your ears decide the appropriate vocabulary . As a long time Avior owner , IME, there are very few speakers that come close to the Aviors performance at its price point or even well above it.NJoy 
Analog Impressions from Munich High End 2015
ThomasGreat pics. Curious which model Wavac amp this is ? Is it the older HE 833 v1.2 ?CheersPradeep 
Evaluation of the Coincident Statement Phono Stage
DougInteresting post and comment on SUTs that not all will agree with including some top end Japanese manufacturers that only offer MM inputs in their phonostage eg Shindo, Ongaku and a few others. I suspect I am firmly in the SUT camp. I have the... 
Rockport Avior vs. Marten Coltrane vs. Kharma Midi
AldenberryAs an Avior owner I agree with Phil. A tube pre is a good place to start. You can get a lot of mileage from 24k if you look at some of the gear on Agon. I recommend a ARC pre or better still a CJ GAT. I have not compared the 5SE to the G... 
Pickup SRA - starting from a 500x microscope
Dear Mr GravesI really enjoyed reading your comments. Superb post. If SRA can cause such excitement, than surely all is well in this hobby that we love and enjoy.Cheers 
Pickup SRA - starting from a 500x microscope
If I can add my 2 paise worth. If the broad range for acceptable SRA is 90-95 deg, it doesn't require too much geometry to figure out that the cartridge body or tone arm underside will be parallel to the record surface. That's the starting point f... 
Pickup SRA - starting from a 500x microscope
http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?eanlg&1398564021&openflup&5&4Try thisCheers 
Pickup SRA - starting from a 500x microscope
Dear Mr Holter, my apologies if my comments appear to be derisive or dismissive of your efforts. That was not intended. As an Atlas owner all I was trying to suggest was that you can achieve great if not spectacular sound with your Atlas without o...