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What's Your Experience with Digital Switching Amp?
I think this thread has contributions from more than one salesman who is between customers. Anyone else feel this way? 
Opinions, Is this better for the Members?
It doesn't matter one iota what we think!! 
Tally up best amplifier ever
Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Amplifier CA-1000 
Why are there so many Stealth Indra for sale now, thanks for asking. I don't understand why these questions irk some so but now I know something that I would not have had you not asked. 
Anyone know the Yamaha CA2000 Amp?
I have a CA-1000 which I'm looking at as I type. I bought this new in 1976 and listened to it until a few years ago when I got a new set-up. Yup, I still have the original box and manual. Only thing it needs is to go through it and clean the pots ... 
Room treatments
To answer a question with a question: has anyone tried Acoustics First? I ran across their products while doing a search on the web at Maybe someone here has some experience with them but I've not seen anything posted.