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Best 6922 tubes for Conrad-Johnson CT6 preamp
Thanks for NOT suggesting the tube I prefer, it only drives up the price. )) 
Shipping damage protocol? Please Help.
I don't see his response as belittling and it seems to me that you might try to have a little patience and let things take their due course. Perhaps the seller would like to see that the claim process has been initiated properly before proceeding ... 
Why LCD and Plasma? 37
Before purchasing a new set I would check []here[/url] first. Get it from owners' mouths so to speak. 
life without audio dealers
There are no audio dealers in my world at this time so it isn't hard to imagine. If there were though it wouldn't make much difference. Auditioning the few lines they carry probably wouldn't lead to a great discovery but if it did I wouldn't be ab... 
An Audiophile Goal
This is why I listen to CDs. :) 
Need help with upgrade path
Jaybo...The BAT integrated isn't bad at all, in fact, I enjoy it very much. But I'm curious how the VK-500 might compare as far as bass control and overall presentation. 
Stereophile or Absolute Sound
My bathroom always has the latest copy of Stereophile. 
Need help with upgrade path
Krell_man...I'd like to audition the Karan but it seems availability might be an issue. I failed to mention that I'll be buying used and reselling,unfortunately, if it doesn't fit. If one were to become available I will be very interested.Tweak1..... 
Flat screens?
I agree with 55dok that plasma can have better picture quality than LCD. Plasma has better detail in dark scenes, LCD has brighter whites. Plasma has less motion blur, good for sports. They are better at off angle viewing, LCDs appear washed out w... 
What is the optimal temperature/humidity for audio
High humidity seems to improve the way my system sounds. That has always been a back burner theory of mine, it's good to hear that others have noticed this.Perhaps in the future we may see some audio humidifiers for beaucoup buckeroos. 
Which sub $2k CD player would you recommend?
The Ayre CX-7e most definitely. Buying used would fit your budget also. 
Blu-Ray Sony for Redbook CD
Sissys not! Just prudent. Why buy a player that may be defunct in matter of months. Do your SACD and DVD A players get a lot play of time? If so, you're playing a lot of CDs on them.I suppose I should bite my lip and be quiet for if not for early ... 
Stereophile Review of Quatro Wood
I wonder why they never review any of the Von Schweikert line of speakers seems they have a loyalty to some makers while others are totally ignored. I have a 3 year S'phile subscription, makes good bathroom reading. 
lack of interest
Perhaps that by starting this thread you will have gotten some free advertising. 
Hum/Buz fro JC1
Do you own a pair, if so, do both hum/buzz or just one?