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Time to pull the trigger on BluRay?
Can someone who has the Panny BD-35 tell us how quiet it may or may not be? 
Help with buzz / hum that's making me insane r
Usually this is an indication of a ground loop especially when no video equipment is connected. Try lifting the grounds to source components or disconnect all from amp and reconnect one at a time to isolate the problem. Power down amp while reconn... 
Best way to sell 50 rock albums
Thanks to all for the advice. It is close to Christmas and if there's an easy way to pack for shipping you'll have to help me out on that one. If anyone is interested send me an email and for the cost of shipping and packing you can have them. Ple... 
Subdued Voices - Phase problem?
I've experienced some of what you describe with certain system configurations. It is probably room acoustics or more likely speaker placement. Try moving the speakers closer together, one inch at a time, if you are experiencing vacant center fill.... 
Why do dealers do this?
I don't understand why a dealer would have such an attitude but I've come to the understanding that it is a waste of time to try to enlighten one. Just walk away and enjoy the amusement of the show of ignorance. 
Note for those who buy used equipment...
Thanks for the heads-up as one can't be too careful. I would expect that these policies would harm sales as a result of buyers pondering resale value of a product purchased from one of these exclusionary distributors But then again Audio has alway... 
Von Schweikert VR4 SR II speaker spikes
These look good to me. 
LCD HD TV Picture Quality Lacking
Flrnlamb I agree 100% with you on the Pioneer Plasmas. I shopped for close to a year before settling on a PDP 5080. It's a real joy to watch! 
Rowland Concerto or BAT VK-300/SE
I have a BAT VK-300 with tube option and use it with VR-4jrs. I also listen to music and use it for movies. It delivers full body sound that's detailed without brightness. Until recently I had a bass problem in my 19' x 13' room but with some room... 
LCD HD TV Picture Quality Lacking
I prefer plasma to LCD, much more CRT like, less artificial looking. I agree with others here that the signal-in is just as important as the type of set you have. They are basically computers in the sense that garbage in equals garbage out. What I... 
Need guidance on isolation devices
I'd suggest reading Art Dudley's article in the June Stereophile. Isolation devices can affect the sound but not always in a beneficial way. 
When did you know that music was your passion?
In the backseat of my girlfriend's 1951 Pontiac. The only way I could complete the nasty was with the radio playing WLS out of Chicago at full volume as she yodeled in my ear. 
Remasters: which are the good ones?
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Dire Straits Warner Remaster series. 
Does anyone out there NOT hear a difference in CD
"The digital era is just beginning to give birth to itself." I'll bet that really hurts. 
Pictures, More Pictures
I purchased a pair of speakers here once in which the ad contained pictures of all sides of the speakers except one side was left out of the pictures. Guess which side was damaged when they arrived. Now I include pictures of all sides with my ads ...