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Subwoofer for Raidho XT-1 sadly buried in a console built in?
What say you binding posts or direct wire?
Vandersteen uses small spade lugs/screws on his speakers.....interesting  
Need advice for a replacement phono cartridge
Benz LPS works very well with that arm  
New user phono question. Comes with free story.
What sounds better,.,,vinyl or cd......I will tell you its a matter of production.  I have each that sounds better than the other.  
On or Off
On for better sound   
Recommendations for a tonearm upgrade on a VPI Classic 4 turntable
The wire twist is wrong.....when the wire relaxes (every temp. change) the force will be different.   I have the a/s gizmo....I just wonder what the sound difference is between perfect a/s (no such thing) and no a/s at all.  
VPI Scout 1.1 parts to upgrade HW~19
I know about upgrading VPI....I have a Superscoutmaster with metal platter, rim drive,10.5 tonearm with 2nd pivot..turntable rests on large brass cones  
Turntable advice
right.....VPI almost demands "fiddling around".   With that said...you really only have to do it twice (the second time to assure the first time was correct).  Perfect VTA, and perfect side thrust compensation is only sharpening the edge but in ma... 
Isolation Advice Needed
Don't do anything until your system is in place then experiment.  I suspect you will need room treatments.   If you can get your system on the ground floor it will improve.  
Excellent Bi-Wire speaker cables?
In my system, Purist cables were very good, but colored....they made the system sound tube-like but with good highs.  Cardas cables in my system were closed in and I couldn't wait to remove them.  Cables are system dependent....try Audioquest  
VPI Scout 1.1 parts to upgrade HW~19
I think you're spinning your wheels with poor results at the end.  
Moved from medium attic like room to larger room, everything is too bright
...I agree....also, try moving the speakers closer to the wall (etc)  
Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
When I was a kid, I heard the large Klipsch corner horn (mono) system playing Marche Slave....that made me an Audiophile....the goosebumps are still there.  
Helping friends/relatives with system purchases, your experience.
system suggestion is difficult....many components sound different when connected to different components.  I would suggest them listening themselves and have them select on their own experiences.  
Advice Needed deciding new Phones
Try a model from Grado......I find them very musical.....get them from Amazon, and return them if you don't like them.