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What amp to power hungry energy veritas 2.2's ?
Jungson JA 88dpowerful Class A mates well with the energysthese are best bang for buck in your price/power request categoryenjoy the art of musicstp 
Speaker shopping Help?
Ohm Walsh 5 S3great match to your spectron & room sizeomnidirectional - excellent room loading 
preamp output impedance - could it be too low ?
Thank you aballstoned temple pilot 
Name three of yours the most favourite drummers
if you like funk :Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai live in Montreux)awesome groove 
rowland capri, bat vk3i or vtl 2.5 ?
oh, the tact rcs 2.0 / 2.2 is on my list as out of 10 capri-posts are made by guidocorona - maybe there is some kind of interest behind it.i dont have the chance to hear any of the listed amps in my system - but for now the capri is my ... 
10k system for ultimate image density at 70-75db?
thanx for your help !text time i´m in ny i have to listen toohm walshsp tech timepiece 3.0harbeth monitor 30happy to see more comments 
10k system for ultimate image density at 70-75db?
the reason why i like to listen at 70-75db is because most speakers start to scream at higher levels - my ears couldnt stand that.i would like to listen at higher levels to gain more musical energy - if just the speakers wouldnt scream at t... 
10k system for ultimate image density at 70-75db?
regarding the electrostats...while electrostats can draw a really fine and lifelike picture at low levels - they cannot deliver weighty snap, or the driving force as deep foundation behind that so beautyfull but light produced picture.but thanx fo... 
10k system for ultimate image density at 70-75db?
i throw some more keywords in here - hopefully somebody experienced will find in here...image solidity low volume full bodied pithily grunt weight earthed inner detail rock solidwhere is the least screaming speaker which delivers more powerful ear... 
What makes instrument immediacy, -separation & -bo
thanks for your input yes i am seeking for the opposite of what live music in most venues sounds like - cause i want a unplugged session in a tiny jazz club sitting in the first row...i am sure a bunch of people want that as well.. 
What makes instrument immediacy, -separation & -bo
well, some speakers produce excellent resulution, texture, room information - you are there - paradigmand some produce dense instrument body - "they are there" paradigmsome amps do, some not which one do you know ?speakers dont have to go loud as ...