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Peachtree Decco speaker decision help
The peachtree performs very well with speaker impedance above 6 Ohms. Dont go below. 
any 2-way accuton transmissionline speakers ?
for info : found albedo hl2.2 - 5" tl speaker 
DACs with volume control ?
Weiss DAC2 (mk2) with digital vol contr - but 5 different outputlevels so you can listen at 90-100% digital at your favourite volume 
Remote controlled pre-amp for gainclone?
peachtree decco 
The best CD Player for the money
why do you want to invest in stoneage technology ? moving parts, vibration damping, CD cleaning ....look into Cambridge Dacmagic, Logitech Duet, Peachtree, Linn Majik DS, Weiss DAC 2, Prism Orpheus 
6 ohm speakers for peachtree nova
Gemme Katana , Albedo HL 2.2 
marten design alto vs miles III Vs wilson sophia?
ceramic drivers sound more pleasant with tubes. i know one who uses antique sound lab asl hurricane monoblocks to drive the coltrane alto. 100 tube watts minimum. tubes are more live. for solid state i would recommend redwineaudio 70.2 / spectron ... 
Pass Labs X250 with merlin VSM-mm/system overhaul?
rwa 30.2 
Pass Labs X250 with merlin VSM-mm/system overhaul?
think 47lab gaincard, audiosector patek se monos, weiss minerva -> try peachtree nova or decco 2 - much better (best) digital than your sony. gainclone - a really good low powered solidstate alternative to tubes. enough power for merlins. tube ... 
Ohm & Tubes -Part 1
ASL hurricane 
Best high end monitors?
meat on the bones ... mbl 101, ohm walsh, hhr-laser tls-I, german physics - only walsh-like omnidirectional drivers can do it (forget decware,morrison,duevel)- they put much more well distributed energy into the room - the hhr-laser (ohm f remake)... 
Upgrading Frontend in 2009: Which way to go?
if you dont mind using a pc - prism sound orpheus, well priced studio gear 24/96 (5k) that compares to weiss, dcs and works as preamp aswell. 
balanced battery tube pre streamer
i´ve found some interesting firewire progear :prism sound orpheus - open end best bang in the pro scene its a firewire dac monitor controller(preamp) - compares to weiss,dcs,lavry gold,nagra dac performancebattery powered(optional):metric halo uln... 
balanced battery tube pre streamer
well said, mapman!i just wanted to put this theme in the air cause imo this is the most logical needed product in the future but until now, nobody does it for various reasons:the fine and small companies dont have the power to make a great GUI lik... 
Recommended amp for Ohm Walsh Super 2's?
no actual experience with ohms...Jungson Ja88dsuperstable 80 W class A power integratedor better a Jungson power amp with a better preamp.the preamp part in the integrated is the weak current deliverer in your price range.runs hot and ne...