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How best to upgrade
Try a tube CD player like this Anthem CD1. Less fatigue, more musicality, bigger sound stage. You won't be disappointed.http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?dgtlplay&1322478131&/Sonic-Frontiers-Anthem-CD--1-8 
Tube preamp integration
Tube pre is a great way to get started on tubes. Specifics like budget and features will help with recommendations. 
Stacking sub-woofers
Separating subs can cause cancellation of the bass waves. Stacking the subs works much like the stacked mids in a d' appolito speakers design. Wide dispersion horizontally and narrow dispersion vertically. This is the way the subs are arranged in ... 
Gallo 3.5 vs Merlin VSM-MXe
The gallo tweeters are indeed leean/bright/crisp. Lots of glass in your room is no help either. Placement out in the room will help some. Obviously, window coverings as well. The size of the Strada is not going to give you the musical weight no ma... 
Meridian 596 with msr+
It should work right out of the box. Try turning the power switch off/on on the 596. Contact your dealer or Meridian direct and ask for a tech. 
Adding a 2nd center channel?
Interesting idea Nsgarch. This is a variant of a center channel I own from Unity Audio (now Cerious Technologies) that has a rear firing tweeter. All the drivers are angled up on both front and rear, so play with that as well by tilting each speaker. 
Should I use 2 different Power Conditioners?
Plug your power amps directly in the wall. Use your Power conditioner for CD, DVD, DAC, processor and pre amps. Do not use any cheap power strips if you don't have enough outlets. 
Speakers for a large vaulted room?
The PSBs are going to be totally different than the Magnepans. I would say a bigger amp or bigger Maggies. Not sure if the bigger ones are more efficient. Other choices would be Soundlab Dynastat 88db or Emminent Technology LFT8 still 83db though.... 
Help fellow AV designers
The SpeakerCraft are pretty slick. TRIAD makes angle fire speakers that are made for ceiling flush mount. Heard them at the local dealer. Not too bad. 
Help fellow AV designers
Those Joseph Audio cabinets look like TRIAD. Budget would help. Can you do in-wall sub? Can you install speakers in-wall on the sides or below the TV? Would she be opposed to Flat Magnapan MMG or Gallo Micro balls. Lots of options. Is the wall whi... 
hybrid solid state amps
Blue CircleWhite Audio Labs / Llano (trinity line) out of businessConrad Johnson made one. It was pretty big. 
YBA 2 amp+Sonus Faber Electa Amator?
If you love your tubes, I would stick with them. You can always upgrade what you have with new tubes. Contact Andy by phone at vintage tube services and he can make some suggestions. The input tubes should make the most improvement, so start with ... 
Windham Hill an audiophile label?
A couple from Youtube. There are many more.Watchtowerhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xV_zXdvK_0g&feature=relatedHarp Guitarhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jN3439l4HR0&feature=related 
Windham Hill an audiophile label?
Michael Hedges (RIP) Live on the Double Planet. Makes you appreciate what this guy could get out of a single guitar. Probably a different recording technique being a live album. Saw him 6 times in Portland. Amazing every time. There is a video fro... 
Preamp advice needed
Manley Shrimp for $880.00. This will give you a good taste of tubes. Easily re-sold if you dislike it for any reason.http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?preatube&1271548208&/Manley-Shrimp-PreamplifierI will say the Rotel amp has a prett...