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tube dac
Whatever DAC you buy, plan on a NOS tube upgrade. It can take the piece to another level, your pre-amp as well if you are running stock chinese tubes. I didn't see that you had a tube CD player before. Talk to Andy at http://vintagetubeservices.co... 
is an RCA "pre out" same as "audio line out"?
Look for a used B&K receiver. A great bargain if you can do without HDMI. Made in the USA. Built tougher than most of the import gear. 
is an RCA "pre out" same as "audio line out"?
The Audio Line out may not run through the processor? It may be for second zone stereo only. It may also be optional on some receivers to be full range stereo or L-R out of the pre amp processor. Some may even have this feature programmable by the... 
Need some advice
The M&K speakers are really designed for a HT system. If this is your primary use then they would be a good choice. The Triad speakers are a little more traditional design and likely better for both stereo and HT use than the M&K. Be mindf... 
tube dac
A tube CD or DAC will take the edge off the CD sound and make it much less fatiguing. My system is all tube, and the tube source made a huge difference. More musical and enveloping sound stage. You can fine tune your tube DAC or CD player with dif... 
Which tubes to spend the most money on in a PV-5?
Contact Andy at Vintage Tube Services.http://vintagetubeservices.com/ 
how do i get more bass w/o adding a sub
If your amp is plugged in your power conditioner, try plugging it direct into the wall socket. The silver streak may also be adding brightness. Test that out by substituting some PBJ cables or similar all copper. 
How do I get the best sound?
Sell your Bose 301s and buy a pair of larger vintage speakers like Klipsch Hersey or Cornwall speakers. Hang, or mount them in two corners pointed towards the area you work in the most.Bose speakers are designed to bounce sound of nearby walls cre... 
Can anyone recommend a transmission line subwoofer
Flat Speakers next to Wall Mounted Screen
Magnepan MMG W and MMG C. You will nedd to add a sub.http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/magnepan_mmgw_mmgc.htm 
Preamp sugestions for an Anthem statment p5 HT?
I think you are on the right track with a D2. It's very highly reviewed and it matches your amp cosmetically. Unless you want to go in a totally different direction, that is what I would do. 
Meridian 561 original
The old 561's are going pretty cheap these days. If you want a better processor for less you could do a Meridian 565. You only have 3 inputs I think (Digital Coax / Optical / Analog RCA), so you better have a simple system. The way you get more in... 
New Receiver? Marantz SR-5005
You may see an improvement over what you have with the Marantz, but I doubt it is going to measure up to the B&K sound even with the MultEq.It's always been a problem that the higher end lines lag the consumer grade gear in the latest connecti... 
New Receiver? Marantz SR-5005
Why not go with more B&K gear? I used to sell Marantz & B&K. Marantz was slightly ahead of Pioneer ELITE, since it was the same guts with modified audio circuits and nicer face plates. B&K sound quality beat them hands down. It was... 
Best Multi CD Deck
Anthem CD1 hands down the best multi disc player made. it's slow and clunky switching CD's, but blew my single disc player out the door.