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Affordable "Thiel type" speakers are?
try http://zoomthelist.com/ 
hair brained idea and a hello
Using a tube pre-amp and solid state amp will give you some tube quality sound while maintaining solid bass output. This is a very common set-up. Pre-amp tubes can last much longer than power amp output tubes, so it is a good way to go. Also, it m... 
To fix or move on?
I don't know about the G series gear, but I sold a lot of 586's and they all had transport problems. It was a real headache explaining to customers why they spent so much on Meridian DVD player. 
CD player with Tube Output or Music Server
Find a tube dac or tube CD player you like. If it has inputs like the E.A.R. Acute, then even better for adding digital sources down the road. You won't sacrifice, because it all runs through your reference DAC. Makes sense to me. 
Looking for Suggestions for Audio in Kid Play Room
This is a new all-in-one wireless speaker system called the Woodbourne by Polk Audio $600. http://reviews.cnet.com/audio-shelf-systems/polk-audio-woodbourne/4505-6721_7-35566920.html 
Amps - New vs. Used
You can save quite a bit going the used route and amps are pretty safe as long as they are not so old that the caps need replacing. Your Yamaha is running out of gas since all the channels are getting loaded down. B&K would be your first step ... 
Where Can I Have a Box Made for Speaker?
Save a search on ebay for your speaker model. ebay will e-mail you everytime one comes up for sale. You might find a pair cheap with blown drivers. Also try zoomthelist.com. 
Where Can I Have a Box Made for Speaker?
Madisound sells speaker cabinets.http://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/speaker-cabinets/ 
x-over resistor replacement query
You should keep the same resistance 11 ohms. Resistance adds in series. so yes 10+1=11. Peter's suggetion may sound better? It will be more expensive. I would go with the Dueland's if they come in 11 ohm. 
SACD vs Regular CD's
One thing your Meridian has is trifield, which there are few recordings and players that can process it. You might search out recordings that have it. Just something I forgot to mention. 
Need Advice for LCRs - Budget $500-$1000
Keep your eye out for Triads that will work. I also noticed 2 listings on ebay for M&K speakers. It's just what you are looking for L-R-C at $800 used for 100b set or $850 for 750THX set new. 
Sound dampening
I'm helping a friend with his theater and one thing he is doing with a 7" high platform for second row seats is lining the platform with insulation and adding port cut-outs that turn the whole platform into a giant bass trap. 
Need Simple AV System
The Viso Fives are going for $499 on Audio Adviser and Spearitsound. $1,300 off!!! Geez, I might need to buy one? The Absolute Sound even liked the Viso Two. 
Need Simple AV System
NAD Viso Twohttp://nadelectronics.com/products/av-receivers/VISO-TWO-DVD/CD-Receiver/NAD Viso Five if you want 5.1 surround.http://nadelectronics.com/products/av-receivers/VISO-FIVE-DVD/CD-Surround-Sound-Receiver 
Elevate Floorstanders to Ear Level?
Another option would be to try a slight tilt. If you have adjustable spikes it would be a freebie test.