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best floor in listening room
I have hardwoods with thick wool carpet in the center. Your room will get more live. Add more treatment to tone it down to your liking. Let the wife help you pick out the colors and designs. She'll love it. 
Gallo Strada Center or Ref AV Center
The closer the match, the better. REf AV gets my vote. 
Tube preamp vs Tube cd player
Try a tube CD or DAC. You probably won't go back. Less fatigue and more musical. Add NOS tubes even better. There is a reason tube output stage conversions are made for SS CD players. Not the other way around. 
Need help deciding on Rotel Amp for 5.2 sys
If I read right that you are running an 8" in ceiling speaker for center channel, more power to that speaker is not going to do much in that room size. I fear you are at quite a distance from a down firing speaker as well. Your setup may work bett... 
Center Channel to go with Revel M22s
The C12 looks pretty close. I would get as close a match as you can in the Revel line. Another M22 would be an option too. Depends on what you could buy a pair for. 
Speaker placement for brightness control.
If you have two way speakers you can also try turning them upside down. 
Sota Sapphire with Eminent Tech ET 2
That was a popular set-up back in the day. 
help marantz pm6004 onkyo a9050 yamaha s700/500
Probably a toss up between those three. A quick scan of the integrateds for sale. There is a classic NAD 304 for $130. That's good sound on the cheap. $375 gets you a Vincent SV-400, and there is a Peachtree with a tube for $400. Probably all good... 
B&K 507 has died. Thinking of going 2 channel?
It's going to be tough to beat the B&K. You might look at ARCAM AVR 300 or NAD T753 now listed. You could also do a pre/pro amp combo like B&K Ref50 & ST140. Basically it's the same gear in 2 boxes. There is an OUTLAW 950 pre/pro for $... 
B&K 507 has died. Thinking of going 2 channel?
I don't think the Marantz will sound as nice as the B&K. I know what you mean about the remote. It has always been a clunky issue with B&K products. Would an integrated work for you? Do you need a reciever with tuner? Do you need a AV rece... 
Advice for a two channel amp
Skimming the classifieds. There is a nice Forte 5 for $400. 
B&K AVR 307 Repair or replace??
It might be cheaper just to pick up another used B&K unit. I see on their web site they were bought out by ATI. Did you contact them? jeff@ati-amp.com 
AMP/Speaker help please...
Forget bi-amping. Just hook up the BAT and enjoy. Quote from review, "The VK-500 has so much power and clean detail, it is difficult to know where to begin describing it."Save your money for a BAT pre to go with it. 
Need advice on CLX surround system
ML probably didn't sell a lot of those Script speakers, and the ones that they did are probably more permanent then floor or bookshelf speakers. The EFX looks like the new version of the Script. 
PS Audio P3
That's a tough question since I am not familiar with your CD player. Are the guts of your CD player the same as the DAC 7 or is it significantly different? If they are the same, the improvements may be small. How much improvement may not be known ...