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Need a subwoofer reccomendation.....
Grab that Bag End Infrasub 18 for $450. Problem solved for big room bass under your budget. Your wife might leave for good though. 
Need help with my speakers
Those should be the same as the Sig III speaker except for the corian enclosure (Parm) I believe. It was probably a more expensive option, but won't count for much in today's market. Some of the wood Unity speakers really looked nice. I didn't sel... 
Upgrade to B&K much cheaper second hand. More than enough power for Gallo sats. 
Newport Beach show any one going?
Check out the Whammerdyne in room 5228.http://www.whammerdyne.com/ 
Strange Hum from Right Pre Channel Only
Ground loop. Try using a two prong adapter on your power cables until you find it. 
Bookshelf Speakers with the decent bass
You might try Zu Omen bookshelf speaker. I heard these running on 5 watts of power and the 10" drivers were putting out some nice kick drum bass. 97db sensitive. 
Can't get Acoustic Zen Adagios to sound smooth
Try a tube DAC or CD player. In my experience this can smooth out that CD sound. 
I finally found my final turntable :
aaaahh... my ears! 
Best multichannel amp for quality stereo listening
If you can make the B&K work, I would stick with it for 5.1 movie watching. Video inputs will be out of date, so it might require a couple remotes or a universal remote to get the audio modes to switch right when going between 2ch and movie wa... 
Good Subwoofer recommendations
There is a Bag End Infrasub 18 for $895. That sub was a review winner many times for HT. Probably can't go wrong with that. With 40% open walls you will need the size as well. 
Pre-amp recommendation
I would lean toward the tube pre-amps as well. You probably can't go wrong with CARY or VAC and Mattmiller has some fine suggestions. I'm running a all tube system on Gallo Reference MK2 speakers. Anthem (Sonic Frontiers) CD1 tube player. N.E.W. P... 
Sounds like that would work. You can jumper the wires or use double runs. Both ways are pictured here.http://www.bcae1.com/spkrmlti.htm 
Rear in wall speakers to match B&W 685
I would stick with B&W in-walls with drivers as close to your fronts as you can buy. This will give you the best results. 
Which receiver would be the best choice?
Look at B&K. Robust and built in the USA. Much cheaper used. 
Ringing from the tweeter
Sounds like a tube is ringing. Wiggle the tubes in their sockets. You can flick small signal tubes with your finger. It might stop for a while. Caution! This will send nasty sounds through your speaker. Disconnect the speaker to be totally safe. I...