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Audionet HUMBOLDT Integrated Amp Review WOW !...
Unfortunately, 60K for an integrated amp is too much money for me.  I can dream though.  Hopefully I can hear one at some upcoming audio show.   
Kim Simmonds Has Passed @ 75.
@mahler123 , I wrote it and as far as I am concerned, he was taken way too soon. I guess you couldn’t help yourself complaining about other artists you felt that died too young and my saying Kim died too soon @75. You have just proved to me why I ... 
Who says studio monitors are "cold and analytical"?
Wow!  Kenjit knows the inherent flaws of studio monitors!  The designers don’t know how to design and build them.  With this analogy, all music must be quite off!😂🤣. I think Kenjit should lay off the egg nog for a bit.   
Hey Sota - Whatever Happened To Customer Service?
Perhaps the person simply forgot or there was no one there to answer your question properly. Why not call a dealer, explain your situation and ask for help before bad mouthing the company in a public forum? That would be the proper way to handle. ... 
Sensitivity wilson sophia 2 vs 3 ?
An extra 2DB of sensitivity is not going to make a pile of beans unless you are using a low powered SET.   
End Game Turntable suggestions
@boothroyd ,  The OP stated he won’t consider the SL1200G because of the looks which is very important to him.  I would also recommend the SME 6,  or a VPI Prime Signature with the gimballed  arm. There are many others which I can’t think of that ... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Out of respect for Kim Simmonds (Savoy Brown) passing, I am playing both Savoy Brown and Kim’s solo efforts today. The Playlist: Savoy Brown, “Looking In”, “Raw Sienna”, “Blue Matter”, “Witchy Feeling”, “Street Corner Talking”, & “Hellbound ... 
Convincing your local dealer to let you try speakers at home
I may be wrong but I never heard of anyone not paying retail for a new, unboxed pair of current DeVore  speakers.  There aren’t that many dealers and they watch out for one another.    
Pioneer CT-F1250 Cassette Deck - Please help
Definitely a playback head azimuth problem.  There are test tapes available, and you would need an oscilloscope as well.  I would look for a reputable repair person.  
Convincing your local dealer to let you try speakers at home
If you run into problems asking, call DeVore and ask if any of their dealers in your area allow in home auditions.   
Pioneer CT-F1250 Cassette Deck - Please help
If I really wanted to get into cassette again, I would purchase a 3 head Nakamichi deck that has been entirely gone through. They were the best out there.  I still have a Sony El Cassette I bought through Sony as a “salesman accommodation”. Stupid... 
celestion 7000
You could possibly replace the crossover parts and wiring to more high end standards.  There are a lot of guys here that do just that, perhaps they will contribute.   
Why Don't you hear more about Audio Physics Speakers??
I used to frequent a high end store called Sound II in North Dartmouth, MA. They sold Audio Physics speakers and the many times I heard them, they always sounded fantastic.  That’s all I know about them as at the time I-owned Vandersteen 2CE Signa... 
McIntosh Amplifier Gain Specs at Speaker Taps
I tried it on my McIntosh power amp driving GE Triton Reference speakers. @ 2 ohms there was no life to the speakers, @4 ohms it was better, @8 ohms it was just right.   
I'm looking to add sub-woofers to my system...
I use an SVS sub in between two JBL L100 Classic speakers.  Made a world of difference for the better in every parameter.  It did not hurt the imaging in the least. You would need to hear it in your own room. SVS has an excellent return policy and...