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VTV D300 Digital amp
You guys enjoy your new Class D amps, I hear they have gotten much better.  For myself, Class D is not for me.  I’ll keep my Mac amps.  75-110 pounds of American Iron and muscle. God bless America!  
What internet stations do you listen to enrich your musical mind?
I have a Mac tuner in each system and almost all of my FM listening (not internet) is 94.1WHJY. It’s a Rock station out of Providence, very clean sounding.   They play new music and a lot of Classic Rock.  It’s on at least 8 hours a day between th... 
What are your top 3 favorite female singers?
Carley Simon  Mary Stallings Mama Cass Elliott  
2023 Audio System Wish List
@jerryg123 ,  thank you very much.  I am a spiritual person although one would never know it from listening to me here.  I should hear by mid next week at the latest. My wife keeps saying to think positive thoughts but in my eyes, whatever is or i... 
speaker cable question
I use a pair of Shunyata Venom cable on my turntable with excellent results.  It sounds much better than the $300.00 VPI branded cable I was using previously.   
SACD players that will consistantly read the SACD layer of a hybrid disk?
My Esoteric SACD player always reads the SACD layer.   
Best amp pairing for Focal Kanta 1s
Definitely need a warm sounding system for the Kanta Ones.  A Mac amp is definitely warm sounding.   
2023 Audio System Wish List
If I had endless $$$$ which I don’t, I would love to try a pair of the Klipsch Cornwall IV and a pair of Legacy Audio speakers in my second system.  I would love the ability to roll in different speakers regarding the mood I am in.  I am currently... 
Legacy Audio Focus XD
@fthompson251  I understand now.  Are you getting rid of your Triton Ones R for the Legacy?  I wouldn’t mind trying Legacy speakers in my secondary system which has JBL L100 Classic speakers.  I would also like to try the Klipsch Cornwall 4 as we... 
Legacy Audio Focus XD
Why would you buy powered speakers to use with a tube amp?  Do you mean tube preamp?    
Accuphase E380 upgrade?
@erik_squires , you never give up on recommending Luxman to everyone who wants to upgrade, do you?🤣  
I have NOVA V's and I am not happy
If you are using separates, you might consider getting a Legacy Wavelet preamp/processor.  Legacy can tune the Wavelet to your speakers and you can tune the room to the speakers with the built in software.  It might be cheaper than buying another ... 
Whats playing on your system today?
I just finished playing the SACD of Animals that Santa brought me today.   
Dan D'Agostino Momentum Integrated vs Progression S350 & Preamp
I would think it’s a good match.   
All NEW T+A Solitaire S Series Speakers For 2022 : SPEAKERS Like NO Others !
Holidays must be getting to us already, why such anger today?