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MIT cables and tubes, are they compatible?
I use all MIT cables (Terminator 2) interconnects and speaker throughout my system. I use a tube preamp and solid sate amp. The sound is glorious and I have never felt the need to change cables. 
Kps 20t CD player.. Looking for CD stabilizer puck
Check with tt Weights in Canada. He custom machines record clamps. He may be able to help you. 
Best System for Pink Floyd
As a long time Pink Floyd fan since 1968, I have always used their music when selecting components. As they still are my favorite group even after 42 years, I always get something new when listening to their music.My present system reproduces thei... 
What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?
Not The Wall live in Berlin. That was a Roger Waters flop. "Is There Anybody Out there" is the live Wall disc with all of Pink Floyd performing. 
What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?
David Gilmour, The wall live(is there anybody out there) 
Which purchase tipped you into nirvana.
The day I received my DeVore Gibbon 8 speakers and Raysonic cd-168 tube cd player. I think all this will be superceeded when I take delivery of my Odyssey Stratos stereo Extreme+++amp in about 6-8 weeks 
Just ordered Odyssey Stratos Extreme
Lucky you. I have been trying for 2 days to get in touch with him as I am interested if there is anything more he can do to this amp. One thing naggine me is that in 1998, I paid $2995.00 for my Classe 15 amp and I am replacing it with an amp that... 
Devore Nines as an upgrade
I have a pair of 8's, having upgraded from Vandersteen 2ce's. I find the DeVore speakers very musical. I listened to the 9 and Silverback at a dealer in the Boston area and the sound on both pairs of speakers were excellent, far exceeding anything... 
I seriously doubt that changing interconnects or speaker cables (been down that road) will make much of an improvement. At best, the differences will be more subtle than changing your speakers or amp. If there is a chance you can audition the newe... 
Power output of tube amps compared to solid states
I have wondered the same thing as I am looking to replace my 175wpc solid state amp with a tube amp in the 150wpc range. I have been told that tube amps sound a lot more powerful than solid state amps. Why, I don't know.Bob 
VTI audio rack, any good?
Problem is I need a 6 shelf rack, so a 3 shelf target won't doBob 
Which is the best cd player under $10k?
Look at the Ayon players from Austria. 
Speaker cables for Vandersteen 3A Signature?
I have had excellent results with both Audioquest and MIT speaker cables for my Vandy 2CE speakers. Last summer, I had to replace one of the 8 inch woofers because the rubber surround got unglued from the woofer and when I opened the cabinet, all ... 
Old Question, any new responses? Logans and tubes
Last year I bought a Yaquin amp. I had it all of a week and got rid of it. The build quality was junk. Sure, it had a thick face plate, but once you looked inside, the shortcuts were obvious. It didn't sound that great either. Just thought you sho... 
HRT Streamer+
I own the cheaper HRT Music Streamer. I coupled it with a 40.00 Kimber usb cable and a 50.00 MIT AVT interconnect. For 190.00 total cost, the sound is amazing. Granted, it isn't as good as my 2600.00 cd player, but using iTunes and files ripped in...