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Tried 2 pairs of speakers for 2 channel?
You are on the right track for two pair. Stack them verticle. Take a look at Duntech, Dunlavy, or Montana. don't forget to reverse you speaker cables on one pair so they will be in phase.Let us here how you make out.Good Luck, 
Power recommendation for Vany2ce-sigs
A good consideration in the price range you have would be Jeff Rowland Intigraded Amp Pre-Amp. Good power, tube like sound. There is one for sale on this site now. Use the balance of your budget for Cardas Interconnect from you CD Player and Speak... 
need help with choosing right cables
Just a suggestion: You might consider Cary interconnects from Cary Audio. Their cables are designed for use with their tube equipment. They are very cost effective & the sound is much better than many cables costing many times more. They shoul... 
Positioning and Listening distance
Speaker placement & listening position is always a matter of your personal taste. While there are many suggestions by all the different formulas, they are only starting points. I subscribe to the Cardas formula myself, as supplied on their web...