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Speakers that mate well with Jeff Rowland electronics
I owned Jeff Rowland Model 7's power amps with a Consumate pre amp for many years. The best match I found was Duntech. I am currently using Kharma Ceramique 1's with the wiring upgrade. These would be a great match with the new generation Jeff Row... 
Ensemble or Hydra...
The Ensemble cables blow away everything I have tried including Hydra. Best part is that they are very cost effective. Give Joe a call at JC Audio (Mr Tweaker) he gave me a money back guarantee, but I kept them all! Good Listening, 
Pre-amp dilemma.... again
You might consider the Kora pre-amp. A sonic bargin at $2,100 new. It is remote control, all tubes & sounds great! Give Joe a call at JC Audio for input. He is a real tweaker! I am sure he can help you. Good Listening 
Equi=Tech or Shunyata / Hydra
Try the Ensemble, good price & will blow away the high price PC's. 1 meter is only about $480. It is even better than the King Cobra's.Good Listening 
Tube Preamp shoot-out
Try the Kora Pre Amp, it has all the features you are looking for, but you can buy it new for what these others are selling for used. The combination of the Kora Pre Amp with the Roland will give you the best of both worlds, tubes & solid stat... 
which powercord? jps,esp,shunyata....?
Before you make a finial decision try the Ensemble PC's at JC Audio. The sound will astound you!!!!!!!!! This is not an advertisement, just sharing a good product, from a Great Dealer!!!Good Listening 
Opinion of Jeff Roland 5 Amp or 7 monos
The balanced version of the 5 is excellent. A pair of balanced 7's are much better. Best sound, by far, is a pair of balanced 5's, as mono blocks. This is by far one of the best Mono block set ups I have heard or owned. I have owned several model ... 
Speaker base - what material is best?
A Marble or Granite Base, 2 to 4 inches thick bolted to the speaker bottoms. This will really couple the speaker to the floors. Improve Bass performance, as well as the overall sound. I have done this with a number of speakers with great sucess.Go... 
Anyone upgraded the Jeff Rowland Model 8
Call Rich at Jeff Rowland, he has all the info.Good Luck, 
Is Genesis Out of Business?
Thanks Bill,The remote arrived today just as you told me. It seems to be working fine. Now I can start trying to set up my subwoofer to work with my new speakers. I have a pair of Quad 989's, I have only had them a couple of weeks. I am sure the G... 
How does one get off the merry-go-round?
I think you have a good point here. Over the years I have tried all the approachs. Tri-amp, bi-amp, total seperates, multicables & the like.Now I seek a sound that I can live with, I still like mono amps, but only two. One line source pre-amp,... 
Maximum USPS Money Order is 700.
This one is a "no brainier”! Just restrict your purchases to $700. I am sure lots of spouses would just love that!On a more serious note. US Postal Money Orders are about the safest thing you can get besides cash. Even cash can be wet with green i... 
Is Genesis Out of Business?
In responce to Bill Abplanalp message.Simply put "Actions Speak Much Louder Than Words"I must say my Audio Dollars represent a major part of disposable cash. I really don't like to spend them & be taken advantage of.If I may say "The Internet ... 
Smear campaign?
Well Said! You have covered the topic very well, I could not agree with you more.Good Listening!Chris 
need advice on source
Try EAD, T-1000 transport, and a EAD 7000 mk II. The pair should be pretty close to your price range. You will be very pleased with the sound.Good Luck,