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Room Correction - Roon + REW (Room EQ Wizard)
I have run a convolution with REW and used it, but it is subtle and I really don’t use it. I suspect my room needs treatments that EQ alone won’t fix 
More questions about dedicated lines
Two 20 amp lines of 10awg on the same phase is enough for 99 percent of installations 
What are you streaming tonight?
King Princess, a bit out of my normal wheelhouse but I saw her on Saturday Night Live the other night and I have been captivated by her album “Cheap Queen” 
What is your most beautiful component?
My Revel Studio2’s 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
I think that WCSS’s decision to use the stock power cords is valid. If a product requires a bunch of tweaks to sound its best, it’s either hobbled as a design or you end up evaluating the tweaks along with the product. Settle on a superior device ... 
Vimberg Speakers
I also thought the Vimbergs were one of the best sounding speakers at AXPONA. Makes me wonder just how stunning the parent company Tidal offerings must be. 
ESOTERIC N-01 Replacement For My PS Audio BHK Preamp & Directstream Dac with Brige ll
But at the same price strata, the dCS Bartok offers multiple digital inputs and outputs allowing it to function as a true digital preamp. It also includes a 1st rate headphone amp, ability to use an external clock and also an updatable FPGA ring d... 
rookie questions about used Bryston BDPs
When I was running the BDP1 a few years ago, it was as a Squeezebox endpoint which worked OK. The Bryston software is horribly outdated and not really well suited to streaming. Using it as a Roon endpoint would be my suggestion 
Help with Mezzo Utopia
Great news. NOW you have an incredible bargain. It’s always nice when a bit of leg work pays off, congrats 
Converting FLAC Files
WAV metadata is horrible. Enough reason to use FLAC right there, but as it sounds exactly the same as WAV and takes less space, it’s a no brainer. 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
Chazzzzy007 totally agree. This site’s forums would be much more enjoyable if you could simply block a user so that you no longer see their posts. This thread would also be about 1/3 it’s current length. One can dream... 
Why discussions generate into personal affronts...
Nah, I'm finished playing with you 
Lumin X1 or dCS Bartok
I have to say the upgradability of the dcs ring dac firmware would also be a factor. This provides for a 7-8 year free upgrade path which is nice considering the buy in price. 
Why discussions generate into personal affronts...
I knew you could be counted upon to rise to the bait.  
Why discussions generate into personal affronts...
Ha GK! Your 18000 rambling posts on everything under the sun is indicative that you clearly don’t subscribe to Einstein’s posit. I await your pithy retort within the hour...