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Audio Research VT200 Biasing Schematic ETC.
Biasing the small signal tubes is not as bad as it seems. The process is a bit finaky until you get comfortable with it, but I can do mine in about 15 mins with a single digital volt meter. The trick is to check the 60v rail voltages, and switch 2... 
I need help with J River and Squeezebox Touch
The first thing you need to do is setup the directory location where the playlists will be stored. Nothing will work until you do that. You can do this under the "basic settings" header just under the Library location setting. I use the same direc... 
I need help with J River and Squeezebox Touch
I have the same software and hardware. I use the JRMC for ripping to FLAC and will also use it to output via firewire to my DAC for critical listening. However, 95% of the time I use the SBT over a wired connection to send the files. Long story sh... 
Free speaker tweak that's a must do
Don't use red loctite or you'll need a blow torch to loosen them again. stick with blue stuff 
I would feed the M's something a bit better than the S300i integrated. Try taking a look around at some of the older FPB class A series amps. the 200 watter version can be had for under $3000. 
Jitter and 75ohm cable length
I am using a pure silver Neotech coax which is 2 feet long and sounds great. Not sure if 4 feet would sound better or not, suppose I could convince myself of almost anything.... 
Pre-amp with balanced suggestions?
You could also consider a used Audio Research LS-26 which is full truly differential balanced design on all in/outputs. Great unit and within your price range 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Revel Salon 2 driven with two Mark Levinsons in "compound biamp" mode. Even better than BOSE!! 
Need a DAC recommendation
The VDAC is a pretty spectacular unit considering the cost. Not sure your budget is going to jump you to another realm of performance unless you look to some of the older hi-end units mentioned earlier. Another one to consider from the same compan... 
If you could bring back one great artist that has
Stevie Ray Vaughan!!! 
Which High Res releases are worth buying?
I've good luck luck with anything from the labels 2L and Chesky. Other stuff has been as mentioned, hit or miss. 
Apartment Room Acoustics Help
Thanks to all, I just ordered the Jim Smith book and DVD set last night. Figured its better than blowing it on gold plated wire supports. Let you know what I come up with for fixes.