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There are basically two types of subwoofer sound. The under $1000 home theatre boomers and thudders and the over $1000 (probably more like $1500) for real subs like Velodyne, JL and Martin Logans that can actually integrate well into a music syste... 
What is the best DAC under $500?
Also highly recommend the MF V-DAC. 
What did you get for Christmas?
Hey Glenfihi,Like I said "a present to myself" ....so, as long as I can make the payments..... :) 
Any Caviar Fans Here?
I agree,way more interesting than another cable or vinyl vs digital thread. Never really tried the stuff, but am a bit afraid to. I already have lots of expensive indulgences. Happy New Year all!! 
What did you get for Christmas?
BMW Seven Series sedan. A gift to myself... 
Searching for new speakers: Wilson, B&W, ??
Well, as opposed to some responses here which don't answer your question, but merely implore you to buy the brand THEY did, I'll give this a shot. The B&W's are great speakers. For the price difference, try to go with the 803 as the extra bass... 
Modded SB2 or SB touch?
No brainer, go with the SBT. Its an impressive unit and at $280, a certified audiophile bargain. 
Lifespan of a quality solid state amplifier?
I am still (as a backup) using some 25+ year old SS amps and they still work fine other a higher noise floor due to aging caps in the pre/amp sections. While I don't think this is unusual, I would say the most amps of either SS/tube nature are pre... 
An unusual phenomenon verified.As is my custom, I
Mood and attitude can effect the listening experience at least as much as the power grid electrical supply. Some days, I'm amazed at my system, and other times merely "content" Johnny Walker Black Label can move me quickly from later to the former... 
Dac suggestions to pair with Squeezebox Touch
a little cleaner top end and generally smoother frequency response. This is not a night and day difference but a matter of subtle degrees. Tough to beat combo for the money. 
Dac suggestions to pair with Squeezebox Touch
In the past, I've used my SBT with a Musical Fidelity V-Dac which is an excellent combination and very simple. Should be able to find one on the 'Gon for around $200 
Audio Research VT100 tube replacement
What about the low power input tubes? Also is this a Mk 1/2 or Mk3 model? If Mk3,there is no real ability to tube roll the 6H30's as there are (virtually)no options for replacement of these. If the earlier Mk1/2 variant, then they use the very com... 
Fourplay Foreplay...
I got the 24/96 download from HD tracks and very much enjoy it. Good Sunday morning jazz.... 
Squeezebox touch volume question?
You don't need Soundcheck for this. (Although its very good as well but overkill for this need). Under the Server Settings, go to Player then Audio menus and you will see the volume control which can be set to variable, or set to 100%. 
best overall speakers at low volume?
I would also agree with the above responses but weight the speakers a little higher in their contribution to this. I have recently heard the Wilson Sophia 3 in Tampa at AV South being driven by Ayre integrated and DAC and Computer front end. Don't...