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Cat Scratch Fever?
@fertguyWhy didn’t Trump get HCL when he got sick? They gave him the good stuff instead. Is everything a conspiracy for you?  By the way, he and is family got vaccinated.  
Cat Scratch Fever?
So every body is in on that hoax: president Trump, Operation Warps Speed, president Obama, president Carter, president Bush, president Biden, the Pope, dr Fauci, the CDC, France, Spain, Israel, CNN, Fox, The New York Times, China, Russia, CVS, Wal... 
Cat Scratch Fever?
@glupsonSo MC had it too? That hoax can be very painful. Ted talked about crawling out of bed in pain, feeling like he was going to die. They believe Qanon is real but COVID-19 is a hoax. Go figure. Weird. 
Run length
Dish the wire. There is nothing to turn on. The receiver is activated by the audio signal. I have used them for the last six years and never have to touch them. Mine are not SVS but I believe they all work on the same principle. You might need to ... 
Magnetic levitation feet
I have these in my system. They work fine. I have a set under my conditioner, one under my server and one under my pre. They don’t hurt nor can I say that they were a night and day difference. My system was very low noise to start with.keep in min... 
Gripped By Upgrade Fever
Hi PaulJwillox advice might be the best you have received so far. If you calm down you will save yourself time and money. It’s obvious you are not happy with what you have now but before making radical changes try to set it up properly. First get ... 
Finally found a space for the speakers I’ve been storing... and I don’t love them any more
@jnorris2005Wow!! that’s a pretty bold statement. Have you listened to the Persona lineup? 
Brainstorm Thursday. Are we approaching the Audiophile Singularity?
@williewonka You’re absolutely right. Nothing happens without measurements. My problem with the measurement guys is that they think it’s the last word   But their problem is that they don’t know what they don’t know. I hope that one day we will be... 
Brainstorm Thursday. Are we approaching the Audiophile Singularity?
“I agree with djones51. Preamps/amps/DACs have achieved equivalence.”I prefer to see these as “solved problems”. The business of Hi-Fi should be faithful reproduction. Distinctive flavors and personal tastes can always be added at the end with DSP... 
What do you have on order RIGHT NOW.
MarchAudio mono amps with Puriti class D modules from Australia.  
Audio Companies with Integrity??
John McDonald and the entire crew at Audience-AV. In memoriam, the folks at Total Contact. Tim, may he Rest In Peace and his wife, a true angel.  
Anyone Successfully Go from Floor Standers to Bookshelf Monitors w/ Subs?
I have and never look back. When done right with 3 to 4 subs, you will ask yourself why you didn’t think of it sooner.  The location requirements for bass drivers and everything else are very different. It makes sense to separate these two into su... 
The Absolute Sound vs Pleasing Sound
@audio2designWe are all in agreement that music is for enjoyment and I would never pretend to force my preferences on anyone, I was merely expressing what they are.  I want to think that if I play a Diana Krall song in my system and it sounds like... 
The Absolute Sound vs Pleasing Sound
@glupsonThis is absolutely correct. More and more artists are getting involved in that process to ensure that their message is getting out as envisioned. Thanks for pointing that out.  
The Absolute Sound vs Pleasing Sound
With all due respect to some of our venerable members whose advices and comments I usually enjoy, music is an art but music reproduction is all science and engineering.  Hi-Fi is about high fidelity.  That doesn't mean we are not supposed to adjus...