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Dynaudio Sapphires
Hello,It's been a little more than a year now. How are they settling in? Are you still happy with the Sapphires? Which electronics are you using? What's the size of your room? I have the C2's. I, too, would like to do something a little more size ... 
HDMI vs 5.1 analog connection
Mitch4t, Re: Coax vs. OpticalThere are some variables to consider... i.e., the quality of your speakers and the rest of your electronics (most specifically your "source component." However, generally speaking, Coax has a wider band-width. and it h... 
Programming the subwoofer on a Theta Casablanca II
Hooper ke, Did u get ur CBII configured yet? I hv a CBIII and I set my front speakers to full range. I also hv a quick set-up guide. Which speakers and sub do you have? Confirm u are using one sub. Regards, sparks81 
Whidbey Island, Wa.
Islandmandan, I'm to the south of you...near Seattle. What amp(s) do you use to drive your 5.4's I have the C-2's driven by an Ayre stack. I had the C-2's in our theater system...driven by BAT and Theta CBIII. Had to hear the C-2's on the Ayre...l...