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Alon IIs
I have listened to the Alons with Aragon and synergistic research spks cables and interconnects. Very good but can be a little expensive. Might be some used stuff out there. 
comments on Naim Audio
I have auditioned a older Naim pre and it was VERY good. Thought it blew away my audible illusions mod3. I would imagine the newer gear would not be a disapointment. Good Luck. 
interconnect and speaker cable advice
I have won a nbs interconnect right here on audiogon and I really like it. Nordost spkr cables are good and the connections are well made. Peace and good listening. 
Amp for Magnapan MGIIIA's
I had a pair of smg's (never should have sold them) and a high current amp is what you need. I have a aragon 4004 and it is a perfect match. Actually any aragon amp will do well. Enjoy. 
What kind of cable do I use?
You might want to try cable from DH labs. I don't have there web address but it should be easy to get. Good stuff. Enjoy 
Quality used amplifier needed
Try to get your hands on a Aragon amp. I own a 4004 and while it is an older unit it will drive ANYTHING. Very relialble amp. Enjoy the music. 
Amplifiers for Vandersteen 2CE Sigs???
Hello Alan Sorry to hear about the Acurus not sounding good. I have a Aragon 4004 amp hooked to a pair of vander 1b's and they sound very good. I believe the vanders to be a forgiving spkr but also accurate as to whats driving them. Good luck with...