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Spend my $1000 on a turntable
+1 on the traveler  
VPI Prime or Scout or ???
@Pauleladue I just picked up the prime signature as well. What are your impressions?  
VPI Prime or Scout or ???
Agree with bigbobbydmoney. The scout is a great value table but for 700 dollars more you get a super scout from Kevin Deal at upscale audio with about 3400 of upgrades. The vta on the fly base a jmw10 tonearm and the 20 pound classic platter as we... 
VPI Prime or Scout or ???
NIce gillatgh.   Its a super table 
VPI Prime or Scout or ???
Sorry I corrected it to quintet bronze which is around 700 dollars VS cadenza so for less than the price of the prime you will have an almost prime with a great cartridge and its a warm sounding combo  
VPI Prime or Scout or ???
No Worries. I think you would be very happy with a Prime Scout and Ortofon Quintet Bronze since it is a bit on the warm side.Had the Prime Scout for a year and was thrilled with it. I too was buying it as secondary to digital. But ended up not lis... 
VPI Prime or Scout or ???
I think that you will be happy with either.  I originally bought the Prime Scout and ended up upgrading.   The Ortofon Cadenza Bronze is a great cartridge for you considering the rest of your system.Where in NJ are you?  Audio Nexus in Summit can ... 
$1000-1500 range for phono preamp... what to buy?
Used Manley Chinook 
Phono Preamp Recommendations
Manley Chinook  
What phono pre am I looking for?
you are looking for a Manley Chinook 
SOTA vs VPI (or stick with my Rega?)
If you have a good deal on the table for a VPI prime, I would go for it. You will not regret it . Great table and great company with a team behind it that has the best customer support I have ever experienced.  They really stand behind their produ... 
SOTA vs VPI (or stick with my Rega?)
Go for the VPI Prime. It does everything that you described that you wanted  
I have the vpi prime scout. Amazing value at 2200 new. Upcale audio has an upgraded version for 2700 right now in limited quantities that's looks amazing. The prime is a great value used. These tables are the best out there and virtually maintenan... 
Rogue Audio two new integrateds Great or Same old?
Cronus magnum ii and Harbeth = magic 
Mid grade Integrated amp choices
Rogue cronus magnum ii. I have settled on this after krells, cj, adcom, Cary, etc. Just a great amp with plenty of power and headroom for most speaker choices now or future.