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MoFi Ultradeck or Technics 1200GR
@mr_bill Yes I have. The technics is a dynamic table. But what the vpi has over it is rythm and pace as well as a huge Soundstage that I have not heard from a DD turntable. Don't know why but I have owned the sl1100 and 1200 in the day. Heard the ... 
MoFi Ultradeck or Technics 1200GR
Vpi prime scout with ortofon quintet bronze  
VPI prime scout VS Music Hall 9.3 VS Technics SL-1200GR VS Rega Planar 6
Prime Scout with Ortofon Quintet Black 
Turntable upgraditis
I had the same exact table with a dynavector 10x4.   was great.  but the VPI scout is in another league.go for it you will not regret it. 
Best turntable under $2000
The super prime scout is definitely worth the extra money. The vta tower alone is a 1200 dollar upgrade and the platter is a 1000 dollar upgrade. Had one and it sounded superb  
VPI Prime - How Often Do You Use the Adjustable VTA Base?
Agree with @tooblue  
Using Maple Butcher Block Under a Turntable
there are footers that came with my butcher block audio shelf that are rubber and cork.  they seem to work really well 
VPI Prime - How Often Do You Use the Adjustable VTA Base?
So line contact stylus. Vta tower would be of great value to you if you have 2k albums. Treat yourself to the prime it's a great table and the 3d printed arm is amazing  
VPI Prime - How Often Do You Use the Adjustable VTA Base?
I use it for every LP.   Its a great feature and is critical for certain stylus types.  I have a Shiabata shaped stylus that is very sensitive to small differences in a records thickness.  Eliptical shapes are less critical from what I understand.... 
Using Maple Butcher Block Under a Turntable
Just got my 1 3/4 maple from butcher block acoustics for my VPI Prime Signature.  I would say the soundstage benefited as well as the focus.  I also noticed a smoothing of the vocals. 
Best turntable under $2000
Used vpi prime scout with cartridge around 2k 
Manley Chinook with (very) low output MC ZYX?
Should be fine.  I have an ortofon that is .3 mv and the SE not MKII and have plenty of volume to spare at 60db. 
Home grown turntable platform/base?
This is exactly how my daughter gained an interest in vinyl. Same age too. Started with the project and that led into a VPI prime signature. We use the butcherblockacoustics platform. Nor very expensive a beautifully made.It's amazing how 3 years ... 
Personal Turntable Evolution
Pioneer belt drive with shure m91edBIC with empire cartridgeTechnics SL1100 empire cartridge Thorens td166 mkii dynavector 10x4AR turntable blue point special Linn LP 12 koetsu black goldlineVPI Prime scout koetsu black goldline Black goldline nee... 
Spend my $1000 on a turntable
+1 on the traveler