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Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
I just rebought a pair of JM Lab Daline 3.1 sorry I ever sold them. Also have a pair of Maggie smgc and Vandy's. Maggie 2.6r are also a life keeper. 
Does this tube preamp exist?
Conrad_johnson pv11 right around your price range 
Best amp for B W Matrix 805
I have a conrad-johnson mv52 powering my 805 matrix good match. 
Audiopoints for B W points up or down
I am using the stock spikes provided by sound anchor on the bottom of the stand but I dont think they are brass they look too silvery. are you using the audiopoints on the bottom also? 
Which Wadia??
the 7 utilizes a teac transport while the newer transports utilize the pioneer transport the teac is far superior 
Upgrading bose 301's .. the next step ?
i use the 805 matrix with a cj mv52 45wpc tube amp and have plenty of volume in a moderately sized room 14x24 they sound wonderfull you can pick them up used for 800-1k 
B W CDM 9 NT versus Nautilus 804
the matrix 802 series 3 or 2 are awesome like them better than nautilaus series IMO they sound more natural and relaxed but with plenty of detail much like the quads. 
Revel M20 vs.B W 805 vs.Dynaudio 1.3SE
comchenry the components upstream are an lp12 with benz glider cartridge a wadia 6 cd player and conrad johnson premier 8's with a cj pv11 preamp 
Revel M20 vs.B W 805 vs.Dynaudio 1.3SE
heard the dynaudios and the 805's. the dynaudios sounded nice if a bit rolled off on top compared to the b&w's. however the b&w's sounded awfull no defined bass and forward and bright. I own a pair of b&w matrix and think they are supe... 
New Maggie Owner; What amp????
I have used these speakers with a Krell KSA100MkII this amp sounds like a tube amp but as mentioned elswhere in this post is a fast amp with a lot of bottom end. There was great synergy in this combo. I have seen it used on Audiogon for $1600-$200... 
Cartridge help with Rega Planar 3
I would spend the extra bucks and go for the Dynavector 10x4 mkII it kills the blue point special 
loss of bass after filling stands
which stands are the ones you have BMPNYC? 
Cartridge for RB300 other things
I have the same setup and just purchased a Dynavector 10x4mkII. This is a great match. I also own the Benz Glider and feel the Dynavector is a better match for the Planar. Have not experimented with mats but I do know that the importer for Rega (l...