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How do I connect headphones to a vintage amp?
I'm not familiar with that amp, but if there is no headphone jack built in you can purchase a headphone preamp and run it through one of the RCA inputs. THere are many affordable ones on the market. 
How important is an audio rack?
I built a rack out of 5/8" threaded bar and MDF that definitely improved the sound of my system, but it has taken a while to get everything working together the way I like it. For example, the turntable is on the top shelf at a height of about 4 f... 
Cheap tweaks...What would YOU reccomend?
I'm not sure anyone has mentioned this one yet because I couldn't read all 6 pages of (very interesting) contributions (yet), but taking one or two tokes of some reasonably potent weed prior to listening can completely change how the music sounds,... 
Ungrounded power cord: Will I die?
I lived in Japan for 9 years and was an audiophile at that time, so I purchased several Japanese components, all of which had two prong plugs. I did not understand why at the time but reading this thread taught me the differences, so thanks to all... 
Speaker cable recommendations please
I disagree, frankly, but I also believe that using metaphor is often more descriptive than a pure descriptive. When one reaches an epiphany it changes that person's perspective on things. While for some it might not seem that their life has change... 
Speaker cable recommendations please
More accurately, they changed the sound of my system so dramatically for the better that I would classify them as creating an epiphany in my audiophile evolution. 
Buying used equipment in Japan
I used to live in japan and found it to be an audiophile's paradise. There are many cool shops there. My favorite was Audio Union, which is a chain store with locations all over japan. They have tons of used stuff in great condition. If you google... 
Speaker cable recommendations please
Clear Day Cables double shotguns are $450 delivered with a 30 day free trial. These cables changed my life. So amazing in their clarity and balance, and they allow music to play through them with a holographic sound stage. You cannot go wrong tryi... 
MoFi So Long So Wrong
I've purchased several mofi pressings and have found they are not nearly as good sounding as the HQ-180 pressings from Warner bros. Also, anything by analog productions sounds very good. I am not planning to buy any more mofi pressings until I hea... 
Cary SLI-80 Thoughts?
I ordered the F1 Signature edition from Upscale. It has lots of upgrades over stock, but I believe the tubes are not upgraded. Which tubes are the treasure tubes and where can I buy them for a reasonable price? Thanks 
Best integrated tube amp for around $2000
Well, I bit the bullet and ordered an SLI-80 F1 version today. Thanks to all who helped me realize what I thought all along was likely a good choice. I will report my experiences once the amp is run in. 
Cary SLI-80 Thoughts?
Well, it sounds like my instincts on this were correct. The Cary sounds like a winner. I appreciate all of the input I received. Thank you! 
Best integrated tube amp for around $2000
I have harbeth monitor 30 speakers and my room is 10x12. I listen mainly to vinyl but also cd. Thanks. 
Clearaudio Concept or Emotion CMB?
I owned a Concept MC for a while but ended up trading it in for a Clearaudio Performance SEP, which is a much more satisfying turntable to my ears. This said, the Concept was a very nice sounding table, I just wasn't too crazy about the Concept MC... 
Do You Love Music or Do You Love Hi-Fi?
I now realize that I should have titled this thread "Do you have good taste in hi-fi but bad taste in music?" because I was trying to make two or three points when I started writing it. I was annoyed by the number of unworthy music titles being re...