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I just faced this same problem and solved it by downloading songbird for Mac. It plays flac files without conversion required. It's a free download. 
Thoughts on Clear Day vs Grover Huffman SC's?
I concur with what Mcondon wrote. The Clear Day Double Shotguns with jumpers are the best sounding speaker wires I have heard, and are a great bargain. I have stated this opinion many times on these boards, so I am beginning to sound like a shill,... 
Thrift Store Vinyl Finds
Many years ago when I lived in Japan and vinyl was dead I was at a flea market and found a Japanese pressing of Elvis Costello Get Happy! and The Jam Snap! both with obi for 100 yen each (about a buck each), both in brand new condition. I still ow... 
Neil Young Trademarks New Audio Format
Neil loves his money. Seems like he wants to be Steve Jobs. 
Best Live Album Ever...
The Who Live at Leeds 
Crystal Clear vs. Home Grown
You should try the Clear Day Cables double shotgun speaker cables with optional jumpers. For about $500 you will love these cables and they include a 30 day money back guarantee.They are an awesome bargain in high end. 
Duped again
It's funny all the complaints about the new Floyd Reissues. I have purchased all three: Dark Side, Wish, and The Wall. All sound phenomenal to my ears, and I consider myself to be very picky. That said, I have not been buying all of their other re... 
Which LPs are on your permanent rotation?
Wilco - All of their LPs, Tom Waits early stuff, Radiohead OK Computer, Elvis Costello Imperial Bedroom, Early Dead, Keith Richards solo stuff, Stones Exile on Main St. 
Are High End Audio Products Unreliable?
I'm told it is the relay board that controls the remote that is bad. The problem varies between turning the amp on and the sound not working to the remote control not working. I guess it is a known issue and also a simple fix, but it does require ... 
What do you feel?
The simple answer is that music makes me happy.The long answer is not so much an answer as it is an explanation of my history with music. Ever since I was about 5 years old I have loved rock music. I used to listen daily to the top 40 station on a... 
Are High End Audio Products Unreliable?
Update: In my original post I mentioned the CARY SLI-80 that was bad and got replaced. The replacement WAS working good but now has developed the same problem as the one it replaces. Guess I'll be sending this one back and will be without an amp f... 
Replacing Power Cord On Flat Screen TV
Thanks for the responses. My TV looks darn good now, but I can't say it looks noticeably better. I'll do some more comparing and report back. 
Clear Day Interconnects
I ordered a set of the ICs when Paul told me he was thinking of bringing them back, because my experience with the Double Shotgun speaker cables I purchased from him was stunningly good. I absolutely swear by his speaker cables, so trying the ICs ... 
Help with my analog rig.
If I'm not mistaken low level hum is usually a ground issue. Is your abode a modern one or do you live in an old building? I know many old buildings do not have grounded electrical, so you need to find a true ground to tap into to overcome it. Als... 
Are High End Audio Products Unreliable?
Sabai, why not name names? This is the kind of info the rest of us would like to know, otherwise you are not holding the manufacturers accountable. Their greatest motivation to make better products is consumers speak out. Thanks