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upgrade VPI HW19 Mk IV or get a new table?
I adjust VTA by the thickness of the LP on my JMW arm (this is easy to do and can be done on the fly with a turn of the knob on the tower of the arm). The difference in sound is substantial (to the point that if I forget to make a proper adjustmen... 
upgrade VPI HW19 Mk IV or get a new table?
I had a VPI mk4 that started as a VPI Jr. I gradually upgraded to the mk4. It was a very good table, but I ended up selling it to buy a VPI Aries 2 with the JMW 12.5 arm. This was a huge improvement in my system. The non suspended Aries 2 is much ... 
Installing a VPI stainless steel ring?
I have the VPI ring, but I don't know what you mean by rubber rings. Mine is a stainless steel ring with black felt paced inside the ring at 3 points. The ring sets on the lp. You still need to use a center weight on the LP also. 
Typical upgrade path from VPI?
I am not sure where your problem is, but I own a VPI Aries 2 Extended with a JMW 12.5 arm and ZYX Atmos cartridge. I disagree with those who think the JMW arm is only so so. The sound I am getting is great. Mid bass and lower mid range has plenty ... 
Has any of you tried this for Cartridge break in
I own the Atmos. It replaced my ZYX Yatra. Mine took about 70 hours to break in. The sound is fantastic. Very dynamic. Great on both jazz and rock. I agree with G m c. The Atmos sounds very good right out of the box. But be patient. It only gets b... 
Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, audio group.
Hi Stanwal,I am organizing an Audio gathering for Sept. 21. If you would like to come send an e-mail to me (slowhand). 
Supratek Preamp. and 6SN7's impressions
I stopped tube rolling when I replaced my Syrah with the Cortese. You hit it right on the head. Mick voices the preamps very well for the stock tubes he puts in them. I would much rather enjoy the music than constantly switch tubes. That being sai... 
Has Anyone Bought A Galibier Serac TT Yet?
Thanks for your thoughts Joel. great post. 
Has Anyone Bought A Galibier Serac TT Yet?
Emailists,How would you characterize the sound of the Raven One? What turntable did it replace? 
Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?
Hi Guys, This is Tom Albrecht in beautiful Loveland.I have been thinking of hosting an Audiophile Gathering around the middle of September, but I wanted to see if there is any interest before I start putting it together. Don't need any firm commit... 
Preamp Deal of the Century
I just received most of the parts to do the 7193 conversion to my Cortese. I still need to get the wire. I will keep you posted. 
Don Gruisens Raven- GRP
I just picked up a LP by Dave Grusin and the Dream Orchestra "Live at the Budokan" on JVC label (Japanese Vinyl) at a used record store for $7.99. Vinyl is dead quiet and it sounds fantastic. Big name players including Lee Ritenour, Eric Gale, Ste... 
Meridian 508.24...sound compared to newer players
I do not own one, but I have a friend who does. In my opinion it is a wonderful sounding player, and as good as many "new" players in the price range that you mentioned. I would hang on to it if I were you. 
Supratek Owners - Simple Mod to Run 7193 Tubes
Ait,Please post this on the Supratek thread also. I wonder if this would work with the Cortese? 
Gingko vs 4" Maple Platform
Has anyone compared a Gingko to a SRA (Silent Running Audio)VR3? I think the VR3 would also be about $600. I have them under my preamp and amp. They are a huge improvement over Maple.